Majority of Syria Opposition Is Against Kurds’ Rights: Analyst

“Most members of Syria opposition lines do not accept the rights of the Kurds in the country,” Kurdish analyst and journalist Mutlu Civiroglu told Kurdpress.

“I dare to say that only a small part of the Syria opposition lines are ready to accept the rights of the Kurds, but some are expressing their stance frankly and others not,” Mutlu Civiroglu told Kurdpress in a telephone interview yesterday.

the Islamic radical group of Jabhat al- Nusra and other extremist groups are not independent political- military fronts but a group of people who are propelled by foreign forces to attack the Kurdish regions and fan war flames there, said Civiroglu, who was born in Turkey’s Kurdish province of Adyaman and has written for Rudaw, daily Radikal daily, Ilke Haber and the Kurdish Service of Voice of America.

Answering the question why Saudi Arabia and Qatar are backing the groups he said, the Arabic countries are trying to bring their Syrian allies to power in the country and do not allow the Kurds to have a say in the country’s future.

Kurdish National Council made strategic mistake

The analyst further shed light on the existing agreements between Syria National Council and the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and said the Kurdish line made mistake in inking the agreement as it thought the US will attack Syria and will oust Bashar al- Assad but the seal latter ended in no avail.

Civiroglu further stressed Syria pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has acted better as it remained almost neutral to the civil war in Syria and tried to boost its military and political control on Syria Kurdish region.

There are rifts among KNC members over the council’s attempts and it will most probably break into branches as some members believe in PYD’s upper hand and are asking to back it as the most powerful Kurdish party in Syria and therefore gaining more rights in this way.

He also did not cast out the possibility of the emergence of a Kurdish region in Syria, the same as what created in northern Iraq after US 2003 attack on the country, but stressed Syria Kurds are not as much politically experience as that of Iraqi Kurds.

Civiroglu concluded whatever scenario happens in Syria, the situation of the Syria Kurds will be different and they will achieve their rights.