PYD Leader Thanks US Led Coalition Against ISIS


The military assault launched by the terrorist group IS on the city of Kobani on the 15th of September is still undergoing for 26 days.

The IS has gathered – for this assault – all the modern weapons it has captured from the Iraqi army in Mosul and from the Syrian army in Raqqa and Al Tabqa military bases.

The aim of this assault is to commit a massacre similar to the one committed against Yezidi people in Shengal [Sinjar]. However, we want everyone to know that Kobani could withstand this assault despite the lack of adequate gear and supplies.


With the extraordinary resistance of our people and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), we are hopeful that those seek peace, democracy and brotherhood among all peoples will triumph.

I would like to stress that the air strikes of the coalition have saved many civilian lives, and they have contributed to the resistance of the YPG.

I therefore express my hope that these strikes continue as they have great impact on strengthening the bonds of friendship between our people and the forces defending peace and democracy in the world.

On behalf of my party and the people of Kobani, I would like to thank the US lead international coalition and the people around the world for their support of our people in its plight.