Chemical Attack in Kobane?


I spoke to Dr. Ahmed, one of the 4 remaining doctors inside Kobane,  in 01:35 Kobane time about possible ISIS chemical attack claims. What Dr. Ahmed says is as follows:

“Several patients came to health center at 11:10pm with burn in the throat & as well as complaining about headache, though their situation is NOT very severe.  We are NOT sure what the cause is yet, but we are planning to send affected patients to Suruc [neighboring city in the Turkish side of the border]  in the morning for further examination.”

Doctor Ahmed said there is also a smell in the city after the incident. He said all affected people are civilians, no fighters among them.

Doctor Ahmed emphasized that they were NOT sure the symptoms were certainly due to a chemical attack. He said more research needed to be done to determine the exact cause.

He added that they do not have any masks or other equipment to protects civilians and YPG and FSA fighters from a possible chemical attacks.


A July 2014 report on a previous possible ISIS chemical attack in Kobane:


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