Anwar Moslem: ISIS Is a Common Enemy for All Humanity

In an exclusive interview conducted on Wednesday, October 22, 20014, the Premier of local Kurdish Kobane Canton administration Anwar Moslem provides important update about Kobane and ongoing ISIS attacks against the city.

Mutlu Civiroglu

Kobane Premier Anwar Moslem, Second on the left

Mr. Anwar Moslem, we heard that there is still fighting going on in Kobane. The YGP has lost some areas that were under their control, what is the situation?

Fighting has been getting more increased, and the ISIS danger over the Kobane getting bigger. Because ISIS is continuously getting support from the nearby places near Kobane, such as they get support from Til Aybad, Jarablus and Manbij. However, the YPG and YPJ showing huge resisting and stopping their attacks, the attacks by the coalition forces, with the America’s leadership of the coalition forces, France, UK, Australia, Canada air attacks were a severe blow to the heavy weapons of ISIS. We would like to thank to the USA and the coalition forces, but the danger over the Kobane, is not gone yet, and there are huge number of civilians in Kobane and at the border. ISIS is attacking the civilians with the bombs and guns that rain hail bombs over the civilians in the Tilsehir area.

While we’re asking to the world for help for YPG and Kobane, we’re not only thinking about the people here. We condemn the ISIS terror that targets the whole world. We also condemn the terrorist attack against the Canadian Parliament yesterday, and we send our deepest condolence to the family of the deceased. The terrorist attacks in Canada show once again that our enemies are common. Against this terrorist organization, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, the United States and we must act together. Only in this way the whole world and Kobane can be clear from ISIS, and this organizqtion can completely be eliminated.

You’ve mentioned the attacks against the civilians in and nearby Tilsehir by the ISIS, what had happened exactly?

Tilsehir was under the control of Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups  and YPG. However after the heavy attacks they had pulled out from this area, after arriving Tilsehir ISIS targeted and attacked the civilians that were waiting nearby the Turkish border, 6 -7 people of civilians were injured along with a child and a woman. Coalition forces have to do something in order to protect these civilians. We’re calling and appealing to the Washington again to the something in order to protect the civilians, and urgently to open the safety corridor, result of the of the air strike and the attack by the YPG that that cause the heavy blows that the ISIS is attacking civilians.

Turkish government has said that they gave permission for the passage of the Peshmerga. Some are interpreting this as a corridor that has been opened. How do you evaluate this, and also why the civilians are not passing by the Turkish side?

We are also worrying about that as well. We could say that the decision was taken by the Kurdistan government of its parliament could make all patriot Kurds happy. Our main goal is to protect the Kurdish will, Kobane, and to protect the civilians. Same as in Shengal [Sinjar] and Kirkuk attacks, there are attacks to Kobane as well.

On Tuesday night there was an alleged that the use of chemical weapons. Some civilians face burned, their lips were swollen. Is there any improvement in this regard? Nevertheless, some international aid agencies are asking what you need.

ISIS has been using poisoned weapons of all kinds, using this way to attack. In Tuesday night in such poisonous weapons attacked happened again at around 11: 10pm local time. I also want to draw your attention that this is not the first time ISIS has been using such substances. Similar attacks happened in last July as well.

I also would emphasize that in order to protect ourselves against chemical weapons of ISIS, the United States and the coalition forces must to help us. We do not have any weapons to use against these chemical weapons, because of that there is a serious danger for the YPG fighters and civilians. We are calling to Mr. Obama and the United States, Mr. David Cameron and the UK, Mr. Steven Harper and Canada and Mr. François Holland and France, to support us and donate us send us gas masks and other equipment immediately so that we can protect.

So, what is now the state of the affected civilians from the gas?

The weapons being used are poisoned weapons, most likely chlorine. But the exact kind and the degree is not yet determined, it is still being investigated. Civilians eyes were burning, they suffer dizziness. Although it has been 24 hours since it was continuing dizziness, stomach nausea and they were feeling the burn on the skin, had swelling of the eyes. The civilians, who are affected by these weapons, are in the north [Kurdistan/Turkey] now, and the doctors are working on the result and they will announce the results soon.

Those who had affected by the weapon being used, are they passed to the Turkish side?

Yes, in the afternoon as a result of an increase in attempts, they were allowed to pass.

It has been over a month long that Kobane is resisting, now everyone in the world knows Kobane. What would you say to the international community who are closely following you?

Everyone remembers the September 11 terrorist attacks. A lot of American civilians were murdered. Spain and France, and in other day in Canada similar things happened. We are also suffering similar things in Kobane that the world had already been suffering from the terrorism. Peoples of France, America, Canada, England and all peoples in the world should support Kobane, and stand against terrorism, to eliminate ISIS. If the ISIS is not eliminated, the whole world would have trouble with it. We need help, it has been 39 days that we are resisting, and we will continue to resist, we need humanitarian help, as well as weapons.


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The interview was translated into English by Cemal Gungoren