Kobane’ye Havadan Ulaşan Tıbbi Malzemeler


Kobane’de bulunan 4 doktordan biri olan Dr. Welat Omer kendilerine ulaşan tıbbi yardımın önemli olduğunu, bunun için de ABD’ye ve yardımda emeği geçen herkese teşekkür etti.

Dr. Omer Kobane şehir merkezi ve ara bölgede mahsur kalan siviller için çok fazla ilaç ve tıbbi malzemeye ihtiyaç olduğunu, bu gönderilen malzemenin en çok bir hafta yeteceğini ifade etti.

Dr. Omer ABD’ye çağrıda bulunarak bu tür yardımların sık sık ve daha fazla miktarda yapılması gerektiğini belitti.

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ABD YPG’ye Havadan Silah ve Cephane Yardımı Yaptı


ABD Merkez Kuvvetler Komutanlığı (CENTCOM) yaptığı yazılı açıklamada, ABD askeri güçlerinin, IŞİD’e karşı Kobane’yi savunan Kürt güçlere (YPG) takviye yapmak için Kobane bölgesine havadan silah, cephane ve sağlık malzemesi yardımı yapıldığını duyurdu.

Açıklamada ABD Hava Kuvvetleri’nin C-130 tipi nakliye uçağının Irak’taki Kürt yetkililer tarafından sağlanan silah, cephane ve tıbbi malzeme yardımının, Kobane’de IŞİD’e karşı savaşan Kürt güçlere ulaştırdığı belirtildi.

Açıklamada, yardımın ardından uçağın bölgeden güvenlik şekilde ayrıldığı ifade edildi.

ABD Merkez Kuvvetler Komutanlığı ayrıca Amerikan askeri güçlerinin bugüne kadar Kobane’de IŞİD’e karşı 135 hava saldırısı düzenlediği de belirtildi.

ABD’nin Pazartesi sabahı Kobane’deki YPG güçlerine havadan yaptığı silah ve mühimmat yardımı önemli bir kilometre taşı olarak dikkatleri çekiyor.

Son zamanlarda Washington’un YPG ve PYD ile geliştirdiği doğrudan ilişkilerin daha somut bir kimliğe bürünmesi ve Rojavalı Kürtlerin uluslararası arenada daha da önemli bir konuma gelmesi anlamına geliyor.

Karar ayrıca YPG’nin IŞiD’e karşı oluşturulan koalisyonun da önemli bir aktörü olarak daha da öne çıkacağı anlamına da geliyor.

Özellikle YPG’nin Şengal’de oynadığı  ve uluslararası basın tarafından övgüyle bahsedilen rolü ve bir ayı aşkın süredir Kobane’de göstermekte olduğu güçlü direnişi de Obama yönetiminin bu kararına etki eden önemli unsurlar.

Yine, Amerikan medyası ve düşünce kuruluşları ve özellikle de Amerikan kamuoyunun Kobane konusundaki hassasiyeti  ve hükümete yönelik baskıları da Kobane konusunda hem hava saldırılarının artması  hem de silah yardımı yapması konusnda etkileyen önemli etkenler olarak dikkat çekti.

Senator Ted Cruz: Arm the Kurds against ISIS

Senator Ted Cruz Comments on ISIS on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley

Ted Cruz

“We have a tremendous asset on the ground right now, which is the Kurds… The Obama administration keeps focusing on Syrian rebels, many of whom have far too close ties to radical Islamic terrorists for it to make any sense for us to be supporting them.

The Kurds are allies and they are boots on the ground. And when we work with them in concert, they’re ready to fight on the front line, along with serious airpower.”

Statement of YPG General Command on Kobani and Fight Against ISIS


Statement of the YPG General Command

To the Media and the General Public,

It has been 33 days that the city of Kobane has been fighting terrorism in eventful days of resistance, redemption, and enormous sacrifices in combating the terrorist attacks of ISIS and its evils. For this organization which has become the biggest threat to the global peace and stability, the battle of Kobane poses a historic turning point. We are certain that the result of this battle will shape the future of Syria and the democratic struggle for freedom and peace. We want it to be known that the victory in Kobane is a victory for all Syria, and it will also be a major defeat for ISIS and terrorism.

The resistance shown by us, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the factions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is a guarantee for defeating ISIS’s terrorism in the region. Counter-terrorism and building a free and democratic Syria was the basis of the agreement we signed with factions of the FSA. As we can see, the success of the revolution is subject to the development of this relationship between all factions and the forces of good in this country.

YPG and FSA Commanders

YPG and FSA Commanders in Afrin

We as the YPG affirm that we will meet all of our responsibilities towards Rojava and Syria in general. We will work to consolidate the concept of true partnership for the administration of this country commensurate with the aspirations of the Syrian people with all its ethnic, religious and social classes.

We also confirm that there is coordination between us and the important factions of the FSA in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Afrin, Kobane, and Jazia. Currently, there are factions and several battalions of the FSA fighting on our side against the ISIS terrorists.

General Command of the YPG

October 19, 2014

Coalition of the Unwilling: Turkey Launches Airstrikes Against Kurdish Separatists

France 24

Turkey’s swung into action with air strikes… Not against the jihadists of ISIS who are besieging the Syrian border town of Kobani, but rather against the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party.

It’s the first attack against PKK positions in Turkey since a ceasefire went into effect two years ago. This comes as Washington’s trying to persuade Turkey to allow the anti-ISIS coalition to use its Injirlik air base. Is this shaping up to be a coalition of the unwilling?

Part 1

Part 2


YPG Spokesman Can: We are Working with the Coalition against ISIS

Polat Can

In an exclusive interview with the daily Radikal, Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) Spokesperson Polat Can says they are officially working with the International Coalition against ISIS, and their representative is in the Joint Operation Command Center.

Mutlu Civiroglu @mutludc


Mr. Polat Can, you have been leading a fierce struggle against ISIS in Kobane for almost month. The world is watching Kobane. What is the situation there?

In the morning, the Kobane resistance will be on its 30th day and a new, long-winded process will start. Everyone knows that the resistance that YPG put up against ISIS is unprecedented by the forces in the region, especially in comparison to the Iraqi army.  Cities ten times the size of Kobane surrendered to ISIS in a few days and those cities were not even besieged with considerable force. However, when they started attacking Kobane, they gathered their forces from around the region, from places including Minbij, Raqqah, Jarabulus, and Tal Hamis. What I mean by considerable force is tanks, cannons, heavy artillery and thugs whose numbers were in the tens of thousands. They wanted to capture Kobane within a week, but they did not succeed. Then, they wanted to say their Eid prayers in Kobane, and they could not do that either.

Since last week, they seized some streets in East Kobane, and now they want to capture the whole city, but they can’t advance. As they try to make their way, they sustain considerable losses. Especially within the last few days, both YPG attacks and the air strikes against ISIS terror led by international coalition forces have increased. They sustained major losses, many of their bodies and weapons passed into the hands of the YPG.


Mutlu Civiroglu and Polat Can

So, can we say that Kobane is relatively safe from danger?

No, saying this would be major heedlessness. Because ISIS still controls a large portion of Kobane. In addition, all of the villages in Kobane are occupied by ISIS.  The resistance we started both within and around Kobane is ongoing. ISIS continues to receive renewed assistance. This war is a matter of life and death for us in every way. Thus, it is not yet possible to say that there is no danger.

You are saying that ISIS consists of tens of thousands of people and constantly renewed support. Your numbers are very small in comparison. Do you receive any kind of support?

Kobane has been under an embargo for the last year and a half. None of the major forces from other cantons have been able to reach Kobane. Kobane is resisting with its own efforts. Some Kurdish youth have been able to reach Kobane from the north of Kurdistan, especially through Suruç. Some arrived Kobane in small groups from the cantons of Afrin and Jazira. In addition, some of the youth from Kobane who were living abroad came to Kobane to protect their city. Some of the small groups from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are here under the name of “The Volcano of Euphrates.” This is all of our power and support. Unfortunately, we did not receive any additional military support, neither from the South, nor from other places.


What can you tell us about the air strikes by the coalition led by the United States?

For the last few days, the air strikes have been numerous and effective. We can clearly state that, had these attacks started a couple weeks ago, ISIS would not have been able to enter Kobane at all. ISIS would have been defeated 10-15 kilometers away from the city, and the city would not have turned into a war zone.

Alright, why did effective air strikes start one week before, and not two? Or, to ask in another way; What happened over the course of the last week that the strikes intensified?

The YPG’s relationship with the coalition, then, had just started recently. I will be blunt; some regional powers, especially Turkey was a serious obstacle. They made every effort to prevent any help from reaching us and to prevent the air strikes. At first, coalition jets could get no closer than 10 kilometers to the Turkish border, because Turkey would not allow it. Of course, there were other problems as well such as logistics and distance. The coalition had not yet made a serious decision to help the YPG.

Moreover, everyone thought that Kobane would fall in a week or two and be forgotten easily, but that did not happen. Kurds all around the world and their friends have risen up, supported by calls by world-famous intellectuals, and the resultant public opinion. This situation has affected shift on some countries’ policies towards us and created pressure for more effective and intensified air strikes and assistance for the YPG.

What sort of help? There are calls to provide arms to the YPG, has any such assistance been provided?


Up until now, we really can’t speak of the provision of arms to Kobane. The YPG is trying to bring certain arms which we require to Kobane through certain means. Because we are in serious need of arms. Not only for Kobane, but also for Jazira and Afrin. It’s important that we have fighters that come and fight, but it’s equally important that there be arms for them to use. It’s very difficult to fight using light weaponry against ISIS, who possess heavy weaponry. In the current situation, under such circumstances, we are throwing ourselves heroically in a fight against a force utilizing the latest weapons technology.

You mentioned the coalition’s being late. What sort of relationship does the YPG have with the US and other countries in the coalition? Can you elaborate on this?

Long before the Kobane resistance, we had relations with many countries including the USA. When Kobane was attacked, our relationship became more substantial and our exchange of ideas was realized in practice. In a way, urgent situation on the ground expedited some things. True partnership comes to realization when the situation is difficult and parties support each other.

Can we say there is an official relation between the YPG and the coalition?

Yes, we are acting in concert with international coalition forces. We are in direct contact with them, in terms of intelligence, on a military level, and in terms of air strikes.

I guess the coordinates for the airstrikes are coming from you then?

Yes. One of our special units in Kobane gives us coordinates, and the YPG transmits these coordinates to coalition forces, and then air strikes are directly realized. I would also like to mention that we also benefitted from the assistance of certain Kurdish factions, and this assistance is ongoing.

Some media outlets reported that these airstrikes are carried out through peshmergas?

No. We have a direct relation with the coalition without any intermediaries. YPG representative is physically ready in the joint operation command center and transmits the coordinates. Indeed, no airstrikes would be possible militarily without YPG taking part in the process because the clashes are ongoing  and the situation on the ground changes rapidly.

But, I would like to acknowledge efforts of some Kurdish parties and individuals in regard, and their assistance for the YPG is still onging.

For a while, news agencies from around the world have been discussing the fall of Kobane. In fact, last week, some of them announced that the city fell. However, now the American press has started to applaud the resistance by the YPG, comparing it to the famous Alamo resistance. What is your take on American and other peoples’ support for Kobane?

We have 5-6 American fighters in YPG. One of them was wounded during combat. The fact that they are fighting for us is making us proud. There are fighters from other peoples as well. We are thankful for all the people who have been appealing to their politicians on our behalf to get their attention, to help us.

Especially some European armies and their commanders are working vigorously towards providing help to the YPG. Yes, right now YPG is fighting against ISIS, but in reality this fight belongs to the whole world; the world should fight ISIS. The fighters of ISIS are from 81 different countries which will be responsible for the terror that ISIS will unleash on us. Therefore, everyone should take responsibility. If Kobane falls, a possibility we never consider, ISIS will attack many other territories motivated with the fervent of so-called conquest. Hence, the victory of Kobane resistance means a victory for Kurdistan, coalition forces, USA and for every human being with a conscience.

The global public was first introduced to the YPG during the Sinjar Massacres against Yezidi Kurds. Now, the whole world is talking about the outstanding resistance of the YPG in Kobane. Can we consider the YPG as one of the main actors in the war against ISIS?

Kurds are the strongest people fighting on earth today, be it YPG or the Peshmergas, it is the Kurds! There is of course a surprising element to this: a relatively small number of young people, equipped with light arms, stage an unprecedented resistance against heavy weaponry. I state this cut and dried; if there was any army of even 500 thousand soldiers in our place, they wouldn’t be able to resist, even for one week. We don’t possess one thousandth of the resources and arms that those who lost to ISIS in Mosul, Tikrit and Anbar had. But we have a will and we have faith, and we protect our lands. This is why the coalition forces must consider YPG as one of the main actors in this war. Many high ranking officials of the coalition forces have congratulated us and expressed their admiration for our struggle.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to the whole world which has been watching you with admiration?

We respectfully salute all the peoples of the world who support the YPG, Kobane and the Kurds. We promise to millions of Kurds and the friends of the Kurds who can’t sleep, whose hearts beat for us this: We will fight until the last person falls, until our last bullet, our last drop of blood, and we will win this fight. We will embellish this resistance worthy of the Kurdish people with victory and dedicate it to first to the proud Kurdish people and to all the peoples of the world. The resistance against Nazis in Stalingrd and in Alamo is what is repeating in Kobane. We invite everyone to support Kobane, the YPG and Kurdistan until the day of victory.


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Special Thanks to Cagla O, Dilek U and Cihan T for translating this interview into English in such a short period of time.

Update from Kobane (October 11, 2014)

Interview with Premier of Kobane Canton Anwar Moslem on the Situation in Kobane in 27th day of the resistance against fierce ISIS attacks

October 11, 2014 at 9:30 am local time

Enwer_MislimFighting continued in East and South of the city. As a result of YPG ambush a large number of ISIS members were killed Friday night.

Although it has been 5 days that ISIS entered east part of the city, their attempts to advance failed. ISIS controls about 25-30% of the city in east part of Kobane, only Asayish [police] building and the courthouse are under their control. Asayish building was destroyed on Thursday as a result of US airstrikes and all ISIS members inside were killed. Other than that they don’t have any important locations. The morale of the people inside the city is high.

Coalition airstrikes also inflicted serious damage on ISIS yesterday and last night. On the ground YPG and FSA groups are fighting bravely shoulder to shoulder with very modest weapons. FSA groups also appealed to US and west for heavy weapons.

We need a humanitarian corridor under the supervision international community for thousands of civilians inside city. UN statement about the civilians inside Kobane is important and we are expecting urgent action from UN. But the real number if civilians is much higher than what Mr. Mistura announced.  People here need water, food, medicine, milk and other basic needs.

Moslem strongly denied some reports that Iraqi Kurdistan Region sent them weapons recently.

“We have not received any weapons from Southern [Iraqi] Kurds, but I am appealing once more that we desperately need their help. I want to stress that we need effective weapons from US, Southern Kurdistan and the West so that we can fight ISIS better. We are confident that YPG and FSA groups can expel ISIS from Kobane if we have heavy weapons.”


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Enwer Mislim’den 11 Ekim Tarihli Bilgilendirme


Çatışmalar Kobanê’nin doğusunda ve güneyinde devam ediyor. YPG’nin kurduğu pusuya düşen birçok IŞİD üyesi Cuma gecesi öldürüldü.

Öte yandan 5 gündür Kobanê’nin doğusuda olan ve ilerlemeye çalışan IŞİD’in ilerleme çabaları boşa çıkarıldı. IŞİD Kobanê’nin doğusunda, şehrin yaklaşık %25-30’luk bir kısmını ele geçirmiş durumda ve Asayiş binası ve Adliye Sarayı onların kontrolünde. Perşembe günü Amerika’nın asayiş binasını hedefleyen hava saldırısı sonucunda bina, içindeki tüm IŞİD üyeleriyle birlikte yok edildi. Bunun dışında ele geçirdikleri herhangi önemli bir nokta yok. Şehirdeki halkın morali yüksek.

Koalisyonun hava saldırıları dün ve önceki gece IŞİD’e büyük kayıplar verdirdi. Havadan uçak saldırıları devam ederken karadan da YPG ve ÖSO hafif silahlarla büyük bir cesaret örneği göstererek IŞİD’e karşı omuz omuza savaşıyor. ÖSO da bizim gibi Amerika ve batılı ülkelerden silah talebinde bulundu.

Kobanê’deki binlerce sivil insan için uluslararası güçlerin gözlemciliğini yapacağı bir güvenlik koridorunun oluşturulması lazım. Birleşmiş Milletler’in Kobanê’deki siviller hakkındaki açıklamasını önemli ve BM bir an önce acil eylem planına geçmeli. Fakat Kobanê’deki sivil insan sayısının Sayın Staffan de Mistura’nın belirttiğinden çok daha fazla olduğunu da belirtmek istiyorum. Buradaki insanların suya, ekmeğe, süte, ilaçlara ve diğer insani gıdalara ihtiyaçları var.


Bir kez daha yineliyorum, IŞİD’le daha etkili bir şekilde mücadele etmek için Amerika’dan ve batılı ülkelerden ağır silah talebinde bulunuyoruz. Eğer ağır silahlar elimize ulaşırsa ÖSO ve YPG’nin birlikte IŞİD’i yok edeceğinden eminiz.


Guney’den bize silah ulaştığı haberleri tamamen asilsiz ama sizin aracılığınızla bir kez daha çok acil silah talebimizi yinelemek istiyorum.

Ayrıca Amerika ve bati ülkelerine de bizlere silah yardımında bulunmasını istiyoruz. Elimizde ağır silahlar olursa IŞİD’le daha etkin bir şekilde savaşabiliriz. Eğer ihtiyacımız olan silahlar ulaşırsa IŞİD’i Kobanê’den çıkartabileceğimize inanıyoruz.

FSA Groups Fighting against ISIS in Kobane Appeal for Help


Chief Commander of Shams al Shamal Abu Leyla denies some reports that ISIS now controls 40% of Kobane. He says what ISIS controls is roughly 25% of the city.

Abu Leyla appealed US and West to supply them heavy weapons to be able to more effectively fight against ISIS who attack them with heavy weapons.

Abu Leyla was injured from his right hand with shrapnel on Monday, but he returned fighting after a quick recovery.

Similarly, General Abu Ismaeel of Liwa Thuwwar al-Raqqa, another FSA group fighting alongside YPG in Kobane against ISIS had asked immediate help from the US and the West.

Abu Ismaeel had warned that a huge disaster is on its way for Kobane unless the international coalition immediately interferes.

YPG and local FSA brigades and battalions [Tuwar al-Raqqa, Shams al-Shamal, al-Tawhid (East), Saraya Jarablus, Kurdish Front and some other smaller groups] declared a joint military operation room called Burkan al-Firat [Euphrates Volcano] on September 10, 2014


See Reuters Video showing Kurdish YPG fighters and Free Syrian Army clash with ISIS in Kobane



Below is a recent article “Kurdish-Arab Rebel Alliance May be Key to Obama’s Syrian Strategy” written by me and Wladimir van Wilgenburg about the YPG and FSA cooperation. This piece was published in Atlantic Council on Septe,ber 23, 2014.


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Defense Chief Of Kobane Asks for Weapons from US

In a phone conversation at 9pm local time, Kobane Defense Minister Ismet Hasan says YPG forces are in control 70% of the city.


Hasan said YPG forces inflicted heavy loses to ISIS but they are receiving reinforcements from Aleppo, Raqqa and other surrounding towns.

Hasan reiterated that they have been resisting the ISIS with light weapons for 26 days, and they urgently needed heavy weapons.

“If the U.S. can provide us weapons that are capable of eliminating their heavy weapons, like tanks and artillery, and continue air strikes against the ISIS, we are confident we will be able to kick them out of Kobane”.

Hasan added that people of Kobane and the YPG fighters are determined to fight until the end.


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