YPG Commander Berxwedan: Victory in Kobane Gave a New Spirit to Everyone Fighting for Humanity

Kurdish fighters claim to have cleared Islamic State from Kobane

Mr. Mahmud Berxwedan, you announced in an official statement the day before that you had entirely liberated Kobane from the ISIS. What does this victory mean to the Kurds and the whole world public opinion?

The attainment of victory in consequence of historic resistance for four months means the liberation of the whole humanity. The struggle waged here was the struggle of humanity. With restricted means, we fought against an organization that knows no limits in savagery. Many thought that Kobane would fall but fighters gave a struggle of honor. It was not easy of course, we witnessed historic days from the beginning to the end, and it was the history of not only Kurdish people but also of the whole humanity that laid here. Advancing step by step and with patience, we defeated our enemy in Kobane. Our operations are now continuing in villages. We are going to keep the fight going until no single ISIS member is left, no matter where it is. Victory in Kobane has given a huge moral support and a new spirit to everyone fighting for humanity. Everyone with the fear spread by ISIS in their heart has believed they could fight against these gangs and succeed.

Victory in Kobane had wide media coverage in various countries. On social media also, especially on Facebook and Twitter, numerous non-Kurds voice happiness over the victory and support for Kobane. The other day US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki also congratulated fighters in Kobane and stated that their support for Kobane would continue. What do you think about this attitude of the world public opinion and America?

YPG Commander Mahmud Berxwedan, Canton PM Anwar Moslem, Defense Chied Ismet Hasan and other officoals Photo (Mislim Nebo)

YPG Commander Mahmud Berxwedan, Canton PM Anwar Moslem, Defense Chied Ismet Hasan and other officoals Photo (Mislim Nebo)

Everyone who supported Kobane led an example of great struggle. We express once again our thanks to them. Right, we have drawn ISIS thugs out of entire Kobane but they are not ended yet, this danger against Europe, America and the whole humanity continues its presence. It is the duty of the whole humanity to finish them. This is why the entire world welcomed the victory in Kobane. Everyone who supported us, regardless of where they are, have been a part of this struggle. This achievement is also an achievement of theirs and we believe their support will continue until ISIS is finished off all around the world.

I hear sounds of arms and aircraft while talking to you right now. I suppose you are at the battle front. Mentioning the villages, Kobane is located on a large area with around 380 villages. What sort of preparations are you making now to liberate the villages?

Without a break and with determination, we launched operations for villages, the day Kobane city was entirely liberated. I am now in a village, the name of which I would prefer not to mention, which we have liberated this morning. Our operation in this village and many other points continues. We have accomplished a result in some operations, reseizing further areas, the results of which we shall make public once others are also finalized.

I suppose an aerial strike is taking place right now, I hear sounds of warplanes?

Right, airstrikes continue!

Because you are at the battlefront, I don’t want to take up your time any longer. What would you finally like to say to the Kurds and world public opinion?

The Kurdish people and other world peoples have given us great support which we hope will continue. We are continuing our operations in villages. We will be liberating at least a few of them every day. In particular the Kurdish youths whose hearts are with Kobane, all those across Kurdistan, should come here and join the fight to reclaim the sacred lands of Kobane. Their participation will enable a quicker elimination of our enemy. Kobane city has been demolished and destroyed on all sides. The civilians here in particular are living under harsh conditions. The infrastructure of the city has broken down completely. The people here are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. As the military wing, we are dealing with an entire expulsion of ISIS from Kobane. World public opinion should support Kobane in economic, political, military and all other aspects. With this support we can make Kobane both a city of resistance and a beautiful town.


Mutlu Civiroglu is a Kurdish affairs analyst focusing on Syria and Turkey. He has closely been monitoring YPG’s fight against ISIS and other jihadist groups.


Translated into English by Berna Özgencil https://twitter.com/bzgncl