Member of YPG Military Council Sozdar Derik on Liberation of Mabruka


Can you tell us about the operation for liberating the town of Mabruka from ISIS? What is the strategic importance of the town?

May the liberation of the Mabruka town, Mount Kezwan (Abdulaziz), Tal Temir surroundings and the Habur line leading to Hasaka be blessed to all the world peoples and the Kurdish, Arab and Syriac peoples living in the region. The operation to liberate the western side of the Cezire Canton has ended up with a great success. The town is a strategic point with regards to housing a diversity of peoples in the region and being located between Hasaka, Serekaniye, Tal Abyad and Raqqa. The Kurdish and Arab areas are connected to each other over Mabruka. This town where heavy clashes took place and many fighters of ours were martyred had been a wound in us. The liberation of the town is a holy headway for us.

What sort of an advantage will the liberation of Mount Kezwan (Mt. Abdulaziz) and Mabruka town provide for the YPG and YPJ in the coming days?

Sozdar Derik

The liberation of this town means the liberation of the border side for the Cezire canton in the first place. It is also of importance for the fraternity of the peoples as it houses Arab and Kurdish people. The area is mainly inhabited by Arabs.

As you speak of the fraternity of the peoples; Did Arabs, Syriacs and Assyrians fought alongside your forces during the recent operations?

As YPG we define ourselves as an army comprised of all peoples living in the region. We believe in democracy, equality and fraternity. The YPG has enabled Syriacs, Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds to act together on the basis of a common sense of patriotism. Everyone has seen the fact that they can live with their own identity under the YPG umbrella. Syriacs undertook an important mission, so did the Arab forces. There is one single aim and purpose uniting us, which is a democratic order.

What has been the role of the U.S.-led coalition during the most recent operations?

We appreciate and thank the coalition which indeed played a major role during the recent operations. The YPG and YPJ who put up a fight against ISIS on the ground have been provided a great support by the coalition from the air.

Giresepi (Tal Abyad) is one of the major strongholds of ISIS. It is being said that YPG will advance towards Til Abyad after the siege of Mabruka. In Kobane also, YPG is moving towards Tal Abyad. What do you have to say in this regard?

As an organization putting up a fight against the ISIS, we are not voicing any intentions or plans to attack a specific place at the moment. We will be fighting the ISIS in the lands of Kurdistan and Syria to the end as long as their attacks on our people continue, no matter where it is. We will never surrender to the savage terrorist organization which is targeting humanity.

Well, how far are you from Tal Abyad at the moment?

It is 61 km from Mabruka to Tal Abyad.

The Iraqi army is receiving criticism after fleeing Ramadi while it is being argued that it should provide further support for YPG owing to the success you have gained against ISIS?

YPG is the only force fighting the ISIS and making an advance. A greater support for YPG will definitely lead up to better results. There is no other force in Iraq and Syria to give a fight against the attacks of ISIS. It is us that is fighting the most, but provided support the least. Should we be given a greater support, we could achieve better results within a short time. However, we have a belief and we will continue our struggle even if are left all alone.

Well, what about the influence made by the presence of fighters from America, Canada, Germany, France and other nationalities?

Those comrades of ours have an international attitude, they believe in democracy, peace and fraternity of peoples. They are coming from all countries and joining the YPG, which indeed makes us very happy.


Translated into English by Berna Özgencil