Mutlu Çiviroğlu Kimdir? / Who is Mutlu Civiroglu

Mutlu Civiroglu

Washington’da yaşayan gazeteci Mutlu Çiviroğlu, basta Amerika’nın Sesi, Radikal ve İlke Haber olmak üzere çeşitli gazete ve yayın organlarında Kürt Sorunu ve birçok konuda Kürtçe, Türkçe ve İngilizce yazılar yazmakta, değişik radyo ve TV programlarında görüş belirtmektedir.

Ayrıca, Erbil merkezli Rudaw gazetesinin İngilizce baskısında  başta Türkiye ve Suriye’deki Kürt sorunu olmak üzere, Amerika’nın bölgeye yönelik siyaseti gibi konularda makale ve analizler yazmaktadır.


My name is Mutlu Civiroglu. I am a Washington DC Based Kurdish Affairs
Expert and a Journalist. I mainly focus on Kurdish Issue in Syria (Rojava)
and Turkey.

I write articles and analysis in three languages: English, Kurdish and
Turkish. In the articles, I analyze Kurdish issue and the US policies
towards the Middle East. My publications appear in various newspapers and
websites including Radikal, Rudaw, VOA, Ilke Haber, Evrensel and some

I am frequently interviewed by media outlets such as Voice of America, Voice
of Russia, Kurd Press, IMC TV, Hayat TV, Rudaw TV, Ronahi TV on different

In addition, I occasionally attend panel discussions especially when
covering the developments in Kurdistan of Syria. I am willing to participate
your events as a speaker.

7 thoughts on “Mutlu Çiviroğlu Kimdir? / Who is Mutlu Civiroglu

  1. Good Day Mr. Civiroglu:

    I am honored to have discovered your site. Thank you. Like other Westerners, I wish to join the People’s Defense Unit. I am certain my combat experience and leadership will serve well.

    Who may I contact to make this reality?

    Mike C


  2. i have been following yor heroic resistnace to barbaric forces at kobane.
    kurds shall at any cost h old kabane . their rallying cry should be ” though shall not enter kabane ” as the french d id during first worl dwar with the cry though shall not pass verdun. the rabid isis had taken it as their prestigious issue. draw them to kabane and dissipate them there . kabane shoud be their grave yard and ” waterloo”.

    remeber in afghanistan same thing happened. entire afghanistan 95 percent was in thenhands of taliban. only five percent was hanging in balance led by the legendary northern alliance under the leader nship of the illustrious ande herioc late ahmad shah masood ” the tiger of panjesher valley. i used to folloew their fortunes ebbing andf flowing reported as a minor news in three or four lines- northern alliqnce vacated a village and with drawing to safer places. afer thre or four days again ther would be news the n.alliance had retkaen the village. when whole world took no notice of these heroic fighting led by masood. i used to tell my friends that it was the only hope for afghans against talibans. eventuallu he succedded in driving out the talibans from afghanistan but tragically he was assaisinted at the height of his succes.

    like wise i whave been following kobane and kurds fortunes there .

    kabane is going to be the stalingrad and wateroo to the isis.

    remeber some body from a distant corner of the world is hoping for your sucess.

    best wishes.

    k.durga prasad/ citizen of india

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    1. Mr. Prasad brings up a great point. The YPG leadership is much like that of Ahmad Shah Masood in Afganistan. After well over 20 years of fighting (first against the Russians and then the Taliban), He was most proud of the clinics and schools that the NIA had built. Shortly before he was murdered by the Taliban, he was asked, in an interview what he wanted to do when the war was over… He replied, “I want to go back to the Panjshir Valley and read my books.”

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  3. Hello Mr Civiroglu. I am an independent journalist Colombian – Canadian. I would like to have the opportunity to talk with you and learning from you about the fight against Is is.


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