Chief YPG Commander Berxwedan: Our Victory is the Beginning of the End for ISIS

YPG Commander Mahmud Berxwedan, Canton PM Anwar Moslem, Defense Chied Ismet Hasan and other officoals Photo (Mislim Nebo)

YPG Commander Mahmud Berxwedan, Canton PM Anwar Moslem other officials Photo (Mislim Nebo)

Mahmud Berxwedan, the chief commander of the YPG in Kobane delivered a speech at the special ceremony held about the liberation of Kobane City.

“ISIS thugs should know that just as the houses of Kobane became a graveyard for them, our villages will also be a graveyard for them. Our victory is the beginning of the end for ISIS worldwide.”

Berxwedan recalled that victory had come a day before the anniversary of the declaration of the founding of the Kobane canton, adding: “We will continue to resist until not one square meter of our land is under occupation. We would like to thank everyone who supported us, in particular those maintaining the vigil on the border.”

YPG commander also thanked the coalition forces led by the USA that supported the Kobane resistance from the air, the FSA forces that fought alongside the YPG/YPJ and peshmerga forces that provided support with heavy weaponry.

“Our struggle has not ended yet. Our villages are under occupation and the threat to Kobane has not gone away. I call on the youth of Rojava and Kobane to join the operation to liberate the villages. If we cannot liberate our land we will have to live a 100 years under ISIS barbarism.”


Interview with Dutch YPG Fighter Richard Jansen


Richard Jansen (Photo by Roel Geeraedts)

Richard Jansen is one of the Westerners who has joined Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to fight against ISIS.

In this interview Richard explains why he decided to go to Rojava and join Kurds, and his experience since he arrived there.

Richard Jansen and Australian YPG Fighter Benjamin


Van Hollen, Blackburn Urge State Department to Grant Travel Visa to Co-Chairman of the PYD


Chris                                                    Marsha

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Co-Chairs of the Kurdish American Caucus, released a letter on January 14 to Secretary of State Kerry urging him to grant the travel visa request of Salih Muslim Mohammed, Co-Chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Syria.

“As the U.S. continues its campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), we believe that the PYD is one of the most effective partners the U.S. has on the ground in Syria,” they wrote.


“We urge you to permit Salih Muslim to come to Washington in January to meet with non-governmental members of the American foreign policy community and others to discuss directly what we can do together to defeat ISIL and advance the cause of a secular, democratic Syria.”


Full text of the letter:

The Honorable John F. Kerry

Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC  20520

Dear Secretary Kerry:

As Co-Chairs of the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus we are writing to request that you grant the visa request of Salih Muslim Mohammed, Co-Chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Syria, to travel to the United States to attend a conference in Washington DC in January 2015.

As the U.S. continues its campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), we believe that the PYD is one of the most effective partners the U.S. has on the ground in Syria.

Earlier this year PYD fighters helped to end the ISIL siege around Mount Sinjar thus allowing thousands of Iraqi Yazidis to escape death at the hands of ISIL. Since then they have also been fighting valiantly to prevent the expansion of ISIL in northern Syria, most prominently in the border town of Kobani.

While we welcome the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIL targets and the dropping of arms supplies which have helped the PYD forces defending Kobani, we think it is important to expand our contacts with this critical Syrian partner in the war against the IS and other salafist jihadists active in the country.

As we understand it, the reluctance to issue a visa to Salih Muslim is partly due to Turkey’s concerns about the PYD and its links with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). However, the Turkish government has itself been negotiating directly with the imprisoned leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan. It has also engaged on a number of occasions in conversations with Salih Muslim in Ankara, including at the level of the Under Secretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The PYD has made it clear that they seek good relations with the Government of Turkey.

Last but not least, the PYD unlike the PKK, is not on the United States Foreign Terrorist Organizations List.  In fact, the PYD is a distinct organization with distinct goals and objectives to protect the Kurdish minority in Syria from the on-going violence in that war-torn country and to participate in an eventual national reconciliation agreement that will provide guarantees and protection for Syria’s many minority groups, including the Kurds.

We urge you to permit Salih Muslim to come to Washington in January to meet with non-governmental members of the American foreign policy community and others to discuss directly what we can do together to defeat ISIL and advance the cause of a secular, democratic Syria.

We appreciate your urgent consideration of this matter.


Chris Van Hollen
Kurdistan American Caucus

Marsha Blackburn
Kurdistan American Caucus



YPG Spokesman in Kobane: We Are Continuing Our Victory Operation


Mutlu Civiroglu

Fighting in Kobane which has left four months behind has become harder with the onset of the winter. What has been witnessed on the battlefield in the past three, four days?

Within the last four months left behind, we have mounted unprecedented resistance against the dark terrorist powers of the Middle East. Gaining strength from this resistance, we have in recent days repelled the ISIS attacks in Mekteba Reş (Black School) area and Mishtenur Neighborhood also. We have reseized many streets and avenues under ISIS control as part of the operation to liberate Kobane which we are continuing for nearly one month now. The ISIS couldn’t tolerate losing these areas of course. They launched quite severe attacks to take back what they have lost. We however proved with our resistance that even a single inch of the areas taken by YPG will not fall into the hands of the ISIS anymore. They carried out suicide car attacks that resulted in the demolition of dozens of houses around the scenes, while dozens of theirs committed suicide attacks too. Yet they haven’t been able to advance. This is how the ISIS is being forced out of Kobane and how we are continuing our victory operation to liberate Kobane . I can say that Kobane is taking one more step on the path to victory every day.

Şoreş Hesen (Foto: Hawar News)

Şoreş Hesen (Foto: Hawar News)

Are the areas you have mentioned, which include the Water Reservoir, Mekteba Reş and Mishtenur Neighborhood, currently under your control?

Right, these areas are under our control now and being protected against fresh attacks by the ISIS. Besides remaining in defensive position, we are also continuing our work to liberate the city. We are repelling all the heavy attacks and making further advances. We have established the criteria of this move, which is based on not retreating.

Public opinion widely convinced by now that Kobane will not fall and the YPG will not be defeated. Many believe, however, the process of liberating Kobane is progressing slowly. How do you comment on that?

As we stated several times previously, street fighting is a difficult one which has no rules. All the houses and streets currently under ISIS control are connected to each other, forming completeness. It is therefore not possible to draw the ISIS back from all these houses and streets within a short time. The ISIS is an organization that recognizes neither humanity nor rules. We are making a slow progress because we secure the areas we seize, making sure to give them no opportunity to infiltrate into these areas again.


For the last several days, it has been reported that the ISIS is bringing in reinforcements from Sarrin, Tal Abyad and surrounding cities. Is that true?

Yes, those reports are absolutely true. ISIS brings up reinforcements every day and owing to the winter conditions, exhaustion and other reasons they are rotating out different groups every 5-6 days. None of their fighters has the will to stay and fight in Kobane for more than a month. Therefore they are continuously changing groups of fighters. Those who get tired go back to the surrounding villages and cities and new ones come to take their place. We see how whenever we destroy a unit another comes to take its place. Up until now more than 10 Chechen units have been destroyed. 6-7 Turkish have been destroyed, and in addition many other groups from countries such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and others have also been destroyed. We see every group we kill being replaced by a new one.  The ISIS thugs fighting us in Kobane consist of fighters from 27 various countries. These remarks of ours are grounded on evidences and documents.

Apart from that, a large number of ISIS members that are coming to fight against the Kurds in Rojava are crossing through Turkish borders. Whether or not the [Turkish] state is aware of this we are saying this as a criticism. Turkey must stop and think about this matter seriously. Up until now hundreds of people from Turkey have been killed here, and if you want to proof then we are happy to share these documents with the press in a suitable manner.

yoj training

You are making an interesting claim, and it would be possible for you to share these documents with the public. Because people seem to be talking about a small number but you are talking about hundreds.

Yes, we could share these documents with you and it would not be difficult. Turkey should look into its control of the border. If Turkey is not cooperating with ISIS they must prove to the world that they have no connections with the people that cross through their own territory. Moreover they should stop ISIS from organizing everywhere from Ankara to the Kurdish cities [of Turkey]. The large number of Turkish ISIS members who have been killed in Kobane has raised our suspicions. Everyone knows that all of these gang members – those from Chechnya, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, the Arab countries, but also the United States, France and Germany – are crossing from Turkey to Rojava.

YPG Kobane

I want to ask about the support for ISIS coming from Tal Abyad, Sirrin and some of the other from surrounding cities. Some question why the coalition does not target the roads on which they are bringing up their support. If they continue to be able to bring up support in this manner the battle will go on much longer. What can you tell us on this?

Up until now 95% of the airstrikes in Kobane have been successful. They have gotten the expected results, and under the rubble of the collapsed houses we have recovered many ISIS corpses. I cannot say with any certainty why the coalition is not targeting areas outside of Kobane. We have no authority over them.

However as a suggestion we can propose that they use more warplanes. This is to say that if there is a plane patrolling over Kobane another plane should be patrolling outside of Kobane. We think such a possibility exists, and that in the place of one plane the coalition could send seven. We know that the coalition is operating heavily around Shengal [Sinjar], Til Hamis, Rakka and even Baghdad but we believe that the coalition can send another plane. We are of the opinion that even if it is just one more plane that the logistics and weapons support could be cut. A short time ago the coalition targeted ISIS 7km to the east in the village of Şêran and destroyed a 10 person squad. This is something new that is an airstrike outside of Kobane is taking place! Right now there is a plane above Kobane ready to carry out airstrikes and searching for targets. Of course if there had been two planes then one could be over Kobane and the other patrolling outside and we would get better results.


Last week  there were two attacks in France and 17 people were killed. As the YPG how do you assess these attacks?

ISIS is an inhumane organization. We consider it important that different people and democratic countries are coming together and working together against such groups. It might even have been a little overdue. We have been fighting against ISIS for a year and a half in Syria. Everyone saw this but remained silent about it. We criticized this silence. We look at the many different world leaders who took part in the march in France as a response to our criticism. We now know that the whole world will support us in the battle we are waging against the enemies of humanity.

We want to emphasize once more that as much as we are protecting ourselves, we are also protecting humanity from a brutal organization that is a threat for the entire world. For this reason, we believe more support needs to be given to the YPG, which has fought ISIS on the frontlines and has been paying the heaviest price. All countries including France and other coalition members and even countries not in the coalition should support us. With this support we can be rid of ISIS which is the enemy of humanity, even more quickly.


In some news reports recently it has been reported that France has provided the YPG with armed support. Are these claims true?

No, such aid has not yet been discussed. Other than the weapons provided by Southern Kurdistan [KRG] and airdropped by American planes and those brought by the peshmergas themselves, no other weapons have reached us. I want to underline this. However of course we need weapons and ammunition to win this battle. We are certainly expecting aid from France and other countries.


For French translation of the interview:

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Kobane Defense Chief: Liberation of Kobane is Soon


Mutlu Civiroglu

There have been some heavy fighting in Kobane these past three, four days. What is the latest update from the battlefront? 

Ismet Hasan: the fighting has been ongoing these last four months, and the siege of Kobane is a historical fight. Everybody is counting the combats for only four months, but the truth is that the fight has been an ongoing struggle for one and half year to two years. ISIS brought its fighters from Iraq and Syria to Kobane center. Both the YPG and YPJ with the help of the united states and francs and its coalition has withhold ISIS back, and gain more so Kobane would not fall into ISIS hands. ISIS has the whole world has its enemy who is a terrorist organization, but the only one who are fighting them are the YPG & YPJ. I know believe that we are going to win, and the victory is going to be ours. Because it was only yesterday that with tanks and bombs from Rakka, Manbij and Bab was being brought here that YPG and YPJ fought them, and again they could not enter the city center. Our fighters will fight against ISIS till the last one, we have promised our people, our martyrs and we stand for human rights.

General Ismet

With that answered, do you believe that Kobane will be free of ISIS sooner? 

Ismet Hasan: In the closest future Kobane will gain its freedom again. From the day the war started we said that Kobane will not fall into ISIS hands. Although Kobane center is freed, Kobane stretches for around 35-40 km.

The latest statements indicates that the fighting have been heavy. If Kobane is so close to its victory why is that the fighting is so heavy? 

Ismet Hasan: We go from street to street, from house to house and getting the city. ISIS comes continual with reinforcement teams. Their defeat means that Kobane will not be deleted. In the entire Middle East, Mosul and Rakka within a short time of period major areas and cities are of ISIS control, but the combat in a small city like Kobane will send a signal to ISIS and its members. With all their power they attack.

If I am not wrong the fight is intensified around Asayish (Internal Security) and Mishtenur Hill. How is the situation over there? 

YPG Fighter in Kobane (DIHA)

YPG Fighters in Kobane (DIHA)

Ismet Hasan: Yes, the fighting is at the moment on the eastern front around Asayish and the surrounding area as well as Mishtenur Hill and the water pool. Many ISIS members have been killed, yesterday at the ‘Black School’. They attacked with tanks, this is a war, we still had our wounded and martyrs. I cannot give an exact number yet, but the number does not matter. The important thing is the resistance shown here.

According to the press reports 80 % of Kobane is under Kurdish control. Is that true? 

Ismet Hasan: It is a war, so hard to give a certain percentage as 80 % or 70 % but now many areas are under our control. Botan Neighborhood in the eastern and western sides, Culture and Art Center, Asayish side, Municipality Building which is next to the school and the water pool is under our control.

Now that most of the city is under our control, will it be easier to have the villages under your control as well?


Ismet Hasan: There is a fact, that ISIS is losing a lot of its members in these fights. So it would be easier to gain the villages. ISIS gave great loses; Kobane had bodies all over the streets. 350 villages will of course see fighting, because ISIS doesn’t leave that easily. We need heavy weapons for the siege of the villages as well as the fight inside Kobane. For two years we were surrounded on all sides, we were in a situation under crucial circumstances that compel people have gathered their personal weapons. ISIS massacring innocent people all over the world, but the world should be against these gangs, who are selling woman, they should join the resistance against ISIS.

YPG and YPJ’s resistance against ISIS in Kobane is a well-known around the world. As the cantonal government, are you satisfied with the support of the international community?

Ismet Hasan: Thanks to all the countries with the coalition, mainly the United States. But just the war against ISIS cannot be completed with air strikes; there is a need of more effectively combat on land. Our primary need for this is heavy weapons. But again we thank all the people who support us, from the individual to the world around us.

ISIS is not only attacking Kobane, but the whole world as you mention. Today a magazine in Paris was a place on an attack were 12 people lost their lives in this brutal massacre. What do you want to say about this attack? 

Ismet Hasan: There is no worse group that ISIS that kills innocent civilians. As the cantonal government and people of Kobane, we condemn this brutal attack and extend our condolences to the people pf France. They may be a threat for us today but they will be a bigger threat for the whole world tomorrow. France, America, Saudi Arabia, Libya that are being targeting from each side. These ISIS thugs did not receive their share of humanity, and they do not accept anything. We are the only ones who are fighting ISIS on the ground; we promise that we will carry out our struggle against them!

You as the local government set up a committee to rebuild Kobane, can you talk about the committee? 

Ismet Hasan: People who are experienced in engineering, doctors, this is a committee that was established by teachers and other professional experts. This committee will determine the damage and to carry out the various damages of Kobane. They want to return to their homeland to our place tomorrow as civilians on all sides, but Kobane is left in ruins. Not a single house is left intact. Kobe needs support for the rebuild. It needs its help from all the international organizations, governments should support Kobane.

General Ismet ve Cocuklar

Finally, I want to ask you a personal question. You shared a photo on the internet. You are standing with your two sons; you are fighting at the front. You never lose your morale and your hope. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

Ismet Hasan: I’m quite excited now that you are asking me that question.  Frankly I find it difficult to talk with excitement. Less whatever he did for the country. We are human; we are fighting for our land and for our honor. Two of my sons fight in the war, and I do not regret it. My older son’s name is Kajin and the other one is named Dilgesh. Karin joined the Kurdish forces three years ago in the cantonal government in Afrin and fought against the Assad regime with the Free Syrian army. After returning home, he joined YPG. Following the recent conflict Dilgesh also signed up for YPG. My daughter joined the YPJ. We have lost everything we had, but so much to gain. This is fight is a fight for our land, our daughters, our freedom and for our honor!

Dramatic New Photos from Kobane

Mutlu Civiroglu

Some new photos from Kurdish city of Kobane where fierce fighting between Kurdish YPG forces and ISIS is ongoing.

In my recent interview, top YPG General Mahmud Berxwedan said they liberated several strategic points in Kobane ISIS used as headquarters to launch their attacks.

Stating that they firmly believe they will triumph, Berxwedan added that a number of ISIS members were killed and their ammunition were seized by YPG, and that’s why their fighters were in high morale.

Below are some new photos from local journalist Perwer M. Ali

10487374_783676211714851_6476093277562681965_n 10405356_783676675048138_3119916319146719217_n 10898307_783676461714826_4766158281958583817_n 10885143_783676828381456_7383362088068673019_n 10176229_783676935048112_5288618255045261279_n 63759_783677038381435_2344459864378314059_n 10917470_783677295048076_3950306464498643584_n 10915197_783677208381418_5450850795653614897_n 10390403_783677405048065_8652296878892031701_n 10888834_783677581714714_6522245466593683821_n 10885172_783677658381373_607104164304147461_n 10801543_783677778381361_2867130868620465642_n 10888661_783677885048017_2346534243570193738_n 10891960_783678158381323_2606760370200789476_n 10885093_783678041714668_2841856516026007112_n 10404510_783678295047976_5083300051817661332_n 10888849_783678421714630_5514785198854887773_n 10906453_783678505047955_1073274750886162364_n 10386371_783678841714588_8639949260994505993_n 10898288_783678675047938_3367829773777241170_n 1459777_783678941714578_5473919724430898958_n 1508022_783679235047882_2305776730688126071_n 10885490_783679085047897_1887532192031300046_n 10801614_783679308381208_4032035973476630765_n 10898327_783679528381186_2210634946771104571_n 10393862_783679375047868_4811143271659372344_n 10891945_783679965047809_3462602581030724037_n 10898211_783680081714464_4886686319053350904_n 10308372_783679738381165_7184501251052277168_n 10898180_783679855047820_1262005800945158693_n 10891525_783679635047842_4998568094067811381_n 10487374_783676211714851_6476093277562681965_n (1) 10898052_783680488381090_437531877432429560_n 10659181_783680278381111_4148112400243782787_n 10906390_783680371714435_1209149529382881134_n 1557529_783680201714452_3399863747687549891_n 10405356_783676675048138_3119916319146719217_n 10885143_783676828381456_7383362088068673019_n 10898307_783676461714826_4766158281958583817_n 10897751_783676325048173_1944172067981146113_n 10487374_783676211714851_6476093277562681965_n

Kobane Photos (By Perwer Muhammad Ali)

Kobane Photos (By Perwer Muhammad Ali)

Senior YPG Commander Berxwedan: We Firmly Believe Kobane Will Triumph Soon

YPG Fighter in Kobane (Photo: DIHA)

A YPG Fighter in Kobane (DIHA)

Mutlu Civiroglu

Mr. Berxwedan, I would firstly like to wish a happy New Year to you and all Kobane. Exciting news are coming through from Kobane for the last several days. What is the result of the recent clashes?

We wish especially to the Christian world and the whole world a happy new year. As you know, we started the operation to liberate Kobane about 15 days ago. Operations at the eastern and southern fronts were carried out as part of this offensive during which YPG and YPJ fighters have achieved a great success.

Most recently, the Mekteba Resh [Black School] where the ISIS thugs were deployed and carried out attacks from, and several other strategic points were liberated by us three days ago. A number of thugs were killed and their ammunition were seized by us. That’s why our fighters are in high morale and do firmly believe they will triumph.

Mahmud Berxwedan

Mahmud Berxwedan

What is the strategic importance of the liberated Black School and the other strategic points on the path to victory?

The area of the Black School and other points we took control over, divides Kobane into two sides. From Mishtenur Hill extends a line to the border and under the hill and above at the 48th Street there is a pool, from where dominance can be gained over the western and eastern sides. The strategic importance of this area is very great. When ISIS thugs were there, they could see each side of the city both with naked eye and with binoculars. We can say that we have been able to liberate this point from the ISIS thugs completely and now it is in our control. That’s why the operation of the night before was of great importance and successful.

The ISIS entered the city from the eastern front and attacked mainly from this side. What kind of an impact would the liberation of the mentioned points have on the eastern front?

ISIS made advances through these mentioned points which are the areas that enable to gain domination over the city. Now that we have captured these areas, ISIS will no longer be able to move as easily as it has done so far, because we have also taken the control of a reinforcement route they used. Therefore, ISIS is in panic now. They are startled and have withdrawn from Kobane many tanks and armored vehicles of theirs.

YPG Fighter in Kobane (DIHA)

YPG Fighters in Kobane (Photo: DIHA)

What is the course of the fighting in Kobane, are you hopeful that a greater progress can be achieved or the Kobane city can be entirely cleansed of the ISIS within a short period?

We know that ISIS will not give up on Kobane that easily. During recent clashes we saw once again that they are firmly resisting to not to leave Kobane. They are using all their possibilities to the fullest extent, carrying out suicide attacks with vehicles or individuals. In order not to leave Kobane, they have brought their most skilled teams here. It is not true to say that the ISIS thugs are withdrawing from Kobane but they all are being killed by the YPG and YPJ fighters who are fighting at every point with courage and commitment to victory and liberating these areas step by step. Journalists can come here and document it; their corpses are to be found in every single house liberated by us now. Therefore, we cannot speak of a simple and quick triumph but we believe that the thugs will no longer be able to resist in the face of the operation we are waging.

Do you attribute their recently increased suicide attacks to this offensive?

ISIS is making every effort to make a progress in Kobane. Everyone knows that the main method of ISIS is the suicide attacks. A few more explosions took place in the Black School and some other houses the in past few days. They are carrying out both suicide attacks and other explosion tactics. In this way, they want to spread fear but this tactics of theirs has not really worked in Kobane since our fighters are on the alert and moving in a professional manner.


YPG Fighters and Local Defenders Photo: DIHA


Many experts on Kurds and Syria thought that Kobane would fall in a two weeks time. What is the secret of this resistance? How could YPG withstand a power like ISIS and is heading on the way to victory as you put it?

If examined well, it will be seen that the secret of the resistance lies hidden in the soul of every single fighter of the YPG not accepting to surrender. Putting up a heroic fight, these fighters wrote epics such as the Serzori Epic, they fought to the last drop of blood despite being encircled from all sides, and fell a martyr saying “Bijî Berxwedana Kobane” [Long live Kobane resistance].


YPG Fighter Arin


Fighters like Martyr Zozan and Martyr Erish were martyred whilst fighting by saying that the ISIS tanks could enter Kobane only by walking over their bodies. This is where lies the secret of this resistance which is the struggle of tens of others like Arin and Kendal.

This secret is the devotion to the land and to an honorable life. ISIS thugs have so far been able to capture in a short time all the areas they headed for, but they haven’t been able to take Kobane where they have been suffering heavy losses for over three months now. They will never be able to take it either. The spirit of resistance born by YPG and YPJ fighters is present nowhere else all around the world. This spirit is also the guarantee of the success to be achieved in 2015.

Is ISIS still bringing in reinforcements from other cities as Raqqa which are under its control, to launch new attacks?

At every opportunity they are bringing in reinforcements from the cities of Manbij, Jarablus, Al-Bab, Raqqa and Tal Abyad under their control. Having suffered a setback here, they now want to turn the situation to their advantage by means of these forces. We are making a progress and have now taken some more significant points under control but they continue to resist. Despite all the reinforcements being deployed by them, we believe we are going to liberate Kobane in not a very long time.


YPG Fighters in a Newly Liberated Building (Photo: DIHA)


Recently a number of air strikes were carried out by the coalition. Is there a new strategy of the coalition forces regarding the roads used by the ISIS to dispatch reinforcements?

There is no major change in question regarding the coalition’s strategy. However, considerable airstrikes were conducted earlier against the roads in Tal Abyad and Jarablus areas. The strikes are mainly targeting the forepart of the battlefield and partially the backside.

What is the impact of the enhanced and effective air attacks on you?

Air attacks have increased in the last few days. This support of coalition forces also causes a psychological destruction for the ISIS.


What do you think about the return of more civilians to Kobane?

Many of our people are waiting at the border and want to return to Kobane as soon as possible. There are also those who have not left Kobane and continue living here despite the war. The inhabitants of Kobane have never lived anywhere else before, they have no such an incident in their history. Many families are turning back to Kobane of their own accord. On the one hand this is good in terms of support but on the other bad, because due to the harsh winter conditions we have some problems, especially with the heating. Besides, a humanitarian corridor into Kobane has yet to be opened. There is also a lack of experienced doctors. But the people who have returned say that they will not leave Kobane even if they have to eat soil out of necessity.

Finally, what is your message to the Kurds and the world for the year 2015?

2014 was the year of the Kurdish resistance as the Kurds showed the whole world that they will never accept defeat. This people, who stick to liberty, has fought against ISIS not only for themselves but also for the peoples of the Middle East and the whole world. We hope the fight which began in 2014 brings freedom to the Kurdish people in 2015. We wish a happy new year to the resisting Kurdish people and all the peoples of the world.


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Translated into English by Berna Özgencil

YPG Chief Commander in Kobane Berxwedan: Kobane is Resisting for Humanity


Mutlu Civiroglu

Thank you very much Mr. Berxwedan for making time to talk us under these extra-ordinary conditions of war. We wish to hear your thoughts, as the General Commander of YPG in Kobane on the ongoing war

Mahmud Berxwedan: Everyone is talking about a three-months old resistance in Kobane, in reality people of Kobane has been resisting aggression since July 19, 2013. We as the YPG organized our forces to protect our people, their values and way of life from aggressors. First we expelled Assad regime forces) with very limited means but full support of the people of Kobane. As first region to expel regime forces Kobane became a source of hope for people of Rojava and for all freedom seeking people of greater Middle East. Unfortunately in no time we become target for ISIS other Jihadist and various forces of Arab chauvinism. These Jihadist and chauvinist thugs, who have benefited from not even the most basics human values, have been attacking ever since. Our forces have been resisting these terrorist gangs in the east, west and south for more than one and a half year.

Mahmud Berxwedan

Top YPG General Mahmud Berxwedan, after so many sleepless nights

What about the current situation?

On September 15th, ISIS thugs have started the fiercest attacks ever. The attacks came from all fronts; they were better organized and better armed comparing to their advance in Shengal [Sinjar], Mosul and other Syrian territories. Many assumed that Kobane could only resist for about a week, but now nearly 100 days passed and we are confident of victory. The most important question is: Why did Kobane manage to resist for such a long time, while Mosul and Shengal fell only days after ISIS attacked?

How did a small place like Kobane resisted to ISIS while much bigger cities like Mosul and Raqqa fell to these terrorists even though they were protected by large and well-armed garrisons?


Mahmud Berxwedan: People of Kobane have always had the spirit of resistance; have been loyal to their lands since they came into existence. They have never surrendered; it has no place in their culture. Every warrior of YPG/YPJ said the terrorists can capture Kobane only by walking on the warriors dead bodies. The martyrs Erish, Zozan, Emin, Kendal and symbol of our resistance Arin Mikran are manifestations of this spirit of resistance. Let be frank, had it been anyone force other than warriors of YPG/YPJ, this battle would have been lost long time again given the imbalance of forces. Old the world, the Europe and the USA should know that we are fighting Jihadi terrorists with AK-47 light infantry weapons and or will power.

Some media claim the danger is over – as if Kobane was liberated from ISIS. Others say that ISIS reinforced their attacks on the eastern front. What about that?

It is not true that the danger is over. Clearly, IS won’t take over Kobane – but that doesn’t prevent them from trying to do so with all they have. We are in an urban warfare and there is a house-to-house fight. ISIS is using every trick on the books and all the means available to it to launch attacks. Kobane is being liberated one house and street at a time with our martyrs’ blood. Until this very day, ISIS thugs have sent 33 VBIEDs into the city. Every day, -there is suicide attacks carried out by ISIS mercenaries.

Common notion was that coalition jets and YPG have destroyed most of the ISIS’ tanks and heavy weaponry. How heavily armed are ISIS right now?


Mahmud Berxwedan: ISIS is still in possessions of heavy weapons and tanks even though many of these have been destroyed by coalition airstrikes and YPG. They hide their weapons and wait for the most opportunities to attack, i.e. when there are no air raids, as it happened today.

ISIS claims they are in control of half the city. What portion of Kobane do you control?

Mahmud Berxwedan: As a person originally from Kobane, I can say that all strategic points in the city are under YPG/YPJ control. These include most of old city, city center, and border crossing. Helinch district that is downhill from Mishtenur Hill, only 40% of the eastern sector is controlled by ISIS,

Why are they particularly attacking on the eastern sector and what is keeping you from expelling them from eastern sector?

Mahmud Berxwedan: ISIS rotates its forces after very attack. They receive reinforcements from Raqqa, Tal Abyad, Manbij, and Sarrin without any hindrance. They are doing all they can to maintain a presence in the city Kobane.  They do not have the intensions to leave the city and end the invasion. It is important that coalition airstrikes support our troops but we are surrounded from all sides and we are fighting only with light weapons. We need weapons to fight but with exception of one-time airdrop no country has provided us with any weapons. What are all these countries that profess to be against ISIS are waiting for? Let it be known that we determined to fight ISIS everywhere and all the time.

YPG is being criticized for not communicating with world public opinion. For example it is being criticized for press releases mostly in Arabic rather than English. What do you have to say about it?

Mahmud Berxwedan: But is there someone that doesn’t know about Kobane right now? The whole world knows where we are and what our situation is. The whole world knows where YPG is fighting. Dozens of times, we have asked the international community to establish a humanitarian, safe corridor. As of now, civilians remaining in the outskirts of the city are not looked after. In 100 days only one single load of weapons has been delivered.

Well US led coalition air force has attacked ISIS positions daily. US also airdropped weapons to you although the guns may have come from Iraqi Kurdish depots.



Mahmud Berxwedan: We are grateful for assistance rendered by the coalition and for all the support from people all over the world. We are honored to have sympathy and support of American people. We want all concerned to know that the weapons we possess are not nearly enough for dislodging ISIS and defeating. If we can get enough fire power we promise to finish off ISIS in Kobane within 2 days.

What does YPG need urgently, in military terms?

Mahmud Berxwedan: We need all kind of heavy weapons such as tanks, Hummers and bullet-proof vehicles and anti-tank missiles. If we had such heavy weapons we could liberate many villages in west and south Kobane in a short period of time.

Also, we desperately need sniper rifles, night vision goggles and thermal cameras. Even 50 night vision goggles will allow us to inflict heavy casualties on ISIS tugs as they mostly move at nights. Otherwise, our morale is high. Our warriors are not afraid of ISIS and ready to confront it at every opportunity.

Turkey has been criticized in regards to Kobane. It is said that they did not allow passage of Hummers and similar vehicles. How do you, as YPG, see Turkey’s attitude?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Turkey could play an important role in our fight against ISIS. We are neighbor with Turkey from Jazira to all the way to Afrin. We do not have any issue with Turkey and wish to have them as neighbor and good friend. We know Turkey has been criticized for her conduct; Turkey should revise her policies. We think she should play a positive role in the war against ISIS.  ISIS will surely target Turkey and cause her harm in the future. We always knew Turkey was turning a blind eye to ISIS and hoping that she would abandon those policies. We certainly hope and believe that Turkey will change her policies.

How are your relations with free Syrian Army (FSA) groupings and peshmerga forces of Kurdish Regional Government?


Mahmud Berxwedan: We have relationships with and fighting alongside with select FSA groupings. Nearly 70 members of Shamsi Shimal, Siwar Raqqa ve Jabhat al Akrad groups died while fighting alongside with us in Kobane.  We wish to collaborate with these groups for a free Syria that encompasses all peoples. All these groups are complaining from lack of armaments. Aside from these, we have been collaborating with peshmerga forces, mostly on indirect-fire positions for more than two months. Our relations are cordial and professional.

Is it true that ISIS is tunneling under Kobane?

Mahmud Berxwedan: We have learned of this a while back. We don’t think such effort will get them any results. We know they are digging to minimize their losses from airstrikes. We have every precaution taken for such a thing.

YPG has become the most important force fighting ISIS on the ground. There are reportedly people from USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Israel, Austria etc. who have joined YPG?

British YPG

Mahmud Berxwedan: ISIS is attacking and offending all good people of this planet. All progressive, democracy and freedom loving people are welcome to join us in this fight against ISIS. We will be honored to have them. We consider ISIS to be our enemies regardless of time and space. For us this is a matter of being a force for good. We don’t discriminate between people based on their creed or beliefs. We have in our ranks people from America, Europe, different Middle East countries, Iran and even from Argentina are fighting with us in and for Kobane. Our warriors will enthusiastically embrace any new fighters from around the world.

Activists around the world are asking via Twitter that what they could do for YPG?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Kobane is resisting for all humanity, YPG is fighting for all of the world. Everyone should do whatever they can to support us and Kobane. With this occasion, on behalf of YPG, YPJ and all others defending Kobane I wish Christian world a happy Christmas. We see Christmas as our own holiday also and celebrate it in that spirit. Jesus was a symbol of resistance. We wish all the people of the world a happy New Year.

Also, I want to emphasize that the war in Kobane is the war of honor for all Kurdish people. The Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan and beyond helped us in this war. We are grateful to all. Our special thanks goes to people of Suruç who have been with us from day one.

Thanks for @johannajaufer , @haktas12  and whoRtheKurds for translating this interview into English

YPG Kobane Genel Komutanı Berxwedan: Teslim Olmak Kobane’nin Kültüründe Yok


YPG Kobane Genel Komutanı Mahmud Berxwedan ile bölgedeki askeri durumu, savaşın geleceğini ve Batı ile ilişkiler dahil birçok önemli konuyu görüştük.

Mıutlu Çiviroğlu

Sayın Mahmud Berxwedan, daha önce de birkaç defa size ulaşmaya çalıştık fakat savaş şartlarından dolayı görüşme fırsatımız olmadı. Başta bu olağanüstü savaş halinde zaman ayırdığınız için teşekkür ediyorum. YPG’nin Kobane’deki genel komutanı olarak cephedeki son durum öğrenmek istiyorum sizden?

Mahmud Berxwedan:  Herkes üç aylık bir Kobane direnişinden bahsediyor fakat aslında radikal gruplara, IŞİD çetelerine karşı, YPG, YPJ ve Kobane halkı olarak 19 Temmuz 2013 tarihinden beri tarihi bir direniş sergiliyoruz. Direnişin başladığı tarih olarak bu tarihin esas alınması daha doğru olacaktır. Biz birliklerimizi halkı ve halkın değerlerini, dışarıdan gelen saldırılara karşı koruma esası üzerine kurduk. Başta rejimi topraklarımızdan çıkarmak için birliklerimizi örgütledik ve harekete geçtik. Ki bunu da kısıtlı imkânlarla, halkımızın yardımıyla yaptık. Sonrasında hepinizin bildiği gibi Kobane, rejimi şehirden çıkardan ilk yer olarak Rojava ve Ortadoğu halkları için bir umut kaynağı oldu. Fakat çok sürmeden hiçbir insanlık değeri kabul etmeyen ve bütün dünyayı hedef alan IŞİD ve diğer şovenist Arap çeteleri Kobane’ye saldırmaya başladılar. Bu saldırılara karşı bir buçuk yıldan daha uzun bir süredir Kobane’nin doğusunda, batısında ve güneyinde büyük bir direniş var.

Mahmud Berxwedan

Mahmud Berxwedan (Foto Dicle Haber Ajansı)

15 Eylül’de tekrar saldırmaya başladıklarında Irak ve Suriye’den büyük bir güç toplamışlardı. Kobane onlar için planlarının bozulduğu bir yerdi, bunun daha örgütlü bir şekilde saldırdılar bu sefer. Birçok çevre IŞİD’in saldırıları karşısında en fazla bir hafta direnebileceğimizi söylüyordu. Fakat yaklaşık 100 gündür direniyoruz ve adım adım zafere doğru yürüyoruz.

Peki, Musul, Rakka ve daha birçok büyük yer IŞİD’in eline sadece birkaç gün içinde geçerken Kobane gibi küçük bir yer nasıl bu kadar uzun bir süre direnebildi?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Kobane halkı bu topraklar oldu olalı kendi toprağına bağlı, ruhunda direniş taşıyan bir halk. Bugüne kadar hiç teslim olmadılar, çünkü teslim olmak onların kültüründe yok. Konuşan her YPG, YPJ savaşçısı IŞİD’in ancak cenazelerine basarak Kobane’ye girebileceğini söylüyordu. Kobane’nin direniş sembollerinden olan Şehit Êrîş, Şehit Zozan, Şehit Emin, Şehit Kendal savaşçılarımızın direnen ruhlarını gösterdiler. Yine Şehit Arîn Mîrkan fedai eyleminin ruhunu bu halktan aldı. Bunu açık bir şekilde söylüyorum, kim YPG ve YPJ savaşçılarının yerinde olsaydı bir saat bile direnemezdi. Amerika ve Avrupa, herkes, bütün dünya direndiğimizi biliyor, hangi ruhla, hangi silahla direndiğimizi de biliyorlar mı? Sadece kalaşnikof silahlar ve irademizle direniyoruz!

Basında farklı iddialar yer alıyor: IŞİD’in Kobane’den çekildiğini yazanlar da var, IŞİD’in yeni bir saldırı hazırlığında olduğunu yazanlar da. Hangisi doğru, Kobane’de son durum ne?

Mahmud Berxwedan: IŞİD’in bir kırılmaya uğradığı doğru, fakat henüz Kobane’den çekilmemişler ve tehlike devam ediyor. IŞİD her türlü taktikle, savaşın her türlü hilesiyle Kobane’ye saldırıyor. Kobane’yi ev ev, sokak sokak şehitlerin kanı ile kurtarılıyor. IŞİD’in kırılmaya uğraması öyle kolay bir şey değil. Şimdiye kadar toplam araçlarla toplam 33 defa intihar saldırısı gerçekleştirdiler. Konuştuğumuz bu saatte de Kobane etrafında tankları var, ağır silahlarla saldırıyorlar.

Kamuoyunda IŞİD’e ait tankların ve ağır silahların hem YPG hem de hava saldırıları ile imha edildiği yönünde bilgiler vardı. IŞİD’e yeni ağır silahlar ve tanklar mı geldi?



Mahmud Berxwedan: IŞİD hem ağır silahları hem de tankları hala var. Bugün tanklarla saldırdılar. Hem YPG hem de koalisyon güçlerinin hava saldırıları ile tankların ve ağır silahların bir kısmı imha edildi. Fakat onlar da silahlarını saklıyorlar ve saldırmak için en uygun zamanı bekliyorlar, hava saldırılarının olmadığını anı kolluyorlar.

IŞİD şehrin yarısının onların kontrolünde olduğunu iddia ediyor, basında da bu konuda farklı iddialar var. Kobane’nin yüzde kaçı şu an sizin elinizde?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Kobaneli, burayı iyi bilen biri olarak şehrin bütün stratejik noktalarının YPG’nin elinde olduğunu söyleyebilirim. Eski Kobane’nin büyük bir kısmı YPG’nin elinde, sınır kapısı ve şehrin meydanına da YPG hâkim. Miştenur’un alt taraflarına düşen, Helinc bölgesi ve doğu tarafındaki % 40’lık bir kısım IŞİD’in elinde.

Neden özellikle doğu cephesinden saldırıyor IŞİD ve ne onları bu cepheden çıkarmanızı zorlaştırıyor?

Mahmud Berxwedan: IŞİD her gün her saldırıdan sonra kuvvetlerini değiştiriyor. Çünkü Rakka’dan, Tilabyad, Cerabus, Minbic ve Sırrin gibi yerlerden gelirken önlerinde herhangi bir engel yok. Şehirden çıkmamak için direniyor onlar da. Bunun için şehirde sürekli bir çatışma hali var. Kamuoyunun bilmesinde bir sakınca görmüyorum: Sadece hava saldırıları IŞİD’i burada bitirmeye yetmiyor. Biz her tarafımız kuşatılmış bir şekilde kısıtlı imkânlarla savaşıyoruz. Neyle savaşırsınız? Silahla. Bir ülke çıkıp da ‘’biz YPG’ye silah verdik’’ desin, var mı? IŞİD’e karşı olduklarını belirten ülkeler silah desteği için daha ne bekliyor? IŞİD nerede olursa olsun biz IŞİD ile her daim savaşmaya kararlıyız.

Hava saldırılarına rağmen IŞİD nasıl Rakka, Tilabyad, Cerabus, Minbic ve Sırrin gibi yerlerden rahatlıkla gelebiliyor? Buralara yeterince hava saldırıları yapılmıyor mu?Yerden istihbarat gelmediği için saldırı düzenlenmiyor şeklinde görüşler var.

Mahmud Berxwedan: Eğer o tür istihbarat gerekliyse bunu biz sağlayabiliriz çünkü elimizde çok somut bilgiler var. Rakka, Tilabyad, Cerabus, Minbic ve Sırrin’a kadar İŞİD’in olduğu yerler ve harekat güzergahlarına dair elimizde bilgiler var. Fakat şehir merkezlerinde imkanlarımızın sınırlı olduğu da bir gerçek. Özellikle hava hareketliliğine karşı gerekli teknik ve insan kaynağı sıkıntısı yok. Kobane ve çevresi için insan kaynaklarımız var. Fakat bombardıman şehrin merkeziyle sınırlı kalıyor. Bunun neden böyle olduğunu hakkında bir fikrimiz yok. Belki de sadece şehir merkezindeki hedeflerle sınırlı hareket ediyorlar. Bombardımanların sayısı arttırılıp, Kobane dışında şehre geliş yollarına doğru yeni saldırlar yapılırsa daha etkili olur. Dediğim gibi hava koalisyonun hava saldırıları sınırlı olduğu için IŞİD’in gücü de tam olarak kırılamıyor.

Obama yönetiminin de, biraz da kamuoyundan gelen baskı sonucu, Kobane’yi siyasetinin merkezine koyduğu ve düşmemesi için çabaladığı biliniyor.

Mahmud Berxwedan: Evet, biz de Amerika halkını mücadelemize, direnişimize göstermiş oldukları destek ve sempatiden dolayı kendilerine çok teşekkür ediyoruz. Özellikle bu aşamada YPG ve Kürlere ilgileri bizim için çok değerli. Amacımız İŞİD’i durdurmak değil, yenmek. Bu yüzden Amerika halkının bize göstermiş olduğu desteğin sürdürülmesi bizi motive edecektir. Umarım destekleri ve yardımları aratarak devam eder çünkü buna ihtiyaç var.

YPG’nin uluslararası kamuoyuna ulaşmada etkili olmadığı yönünde eleştiriler var. Mesela basın açıklamalarının İngilizce değil Arapça olması buna bir örnek. Bu eleştiriler hakkında neler diyeceksiniz?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Kobane’yi duymayan, bilmeyen insan kaldı mı? Artık bütün dünya Kobane’nin nerede olduğunu biliyor, bütün dünya YPG’nin nerde savaştığını görüyor. Onlarca defa sivillere yönelik bir güvenlik koridorunun oluşturulmasını talep ettik, siviller için bile yardım doğru dürüst gelmiyor. Sadece havadan bir defa yardım geldi ya sonra?

Ama ABD size destek için her gün IŞİD mevzilerine hava saldırısı düzenliyor. Ayrıca Türkiye’nin muhalefetine rağmen sizin için havadan silah da ulaştırdı!

Mahmud Berxwedan: Dünya kamuoyunun ve koalisyonun güçlerini desteğini inkâr edemeyiz. Yardım eden herkese çok teşekkür ediyoruz. Tekrar söylüyorum, Amerikan halkının YPG’ye olan sempatisi bizi onurlandırıyor. Fakat herkes yapılan yardımların IŞİD gibi bir örgütü bitirmeye yetmediğini bilmesini istiyoruz. Bize yerden yeterli silah desteği gelirse IŞİD Kobane’de iki gün bile duramaz.

Yine, Hillary Clinton’un birkaç hafta önce YPJ savaşçılarıyla ilgili söylediği övgü dolu sözler vardı. Bu konuda neler söylemek istersiniz?


Mahmud Berxwedan: Buradaki ağır savaş koşulları yüzünden basını yeterince takip edemiyoruz ama Kobane Sayın Clinton’un Kobane’deki kadın direnişçileri öven ve bize daha fazla desteğin sunulması yönündeki sözleri bizi çok memnun etti. Bu yüzden YPG ve YPJ adına kendisine çok teşekkür ediyoruz. Direnişimize olan her ilgi bizim için güçlü bir motivasyon kaynağı oluyor.

Bir de şu konuyu sormak istiyorum. YPG’nin askeri olarak şu an acil ihtiyaçları neler? IŞİD’i yenmek için tam olarak neye ihtiyacınız var, nasıl bir destek onları yenmenizde etkili olabilir, dengeler lehinize değiştirebilir?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Her türlü ağır silaha ihtiyacımız var. Mesela daha ağır silahlar, özellikle tank, Hummer ve hareket kabiliyeti yüksek zırhlı silahlı araçlar, anti-tank ve daha ağır silahlar. Yine, daha iyi roketatarlar yani yerde kullanabileceğimiz her türden zırhlı ve ağır silahlarımızın olması dengeleri lehimize değiştirebilir. Elimizde zırhlı araçlar olmadığı için bir yerden diğerine gidemiyoruz. Bu yüzden manevra gücümüz çok sınırlı. Elimizde bu türden silah ve araçların olması halinde güneyde ve batıda alabileceğimiz çok sayıda köy var. Eğer zırhlı araçlarımız olsaydı yarım saatte bir köyü alabiliriz.

Ayrıca, suikast silahları, savaş dürbünleri, özellikle gece görüşlü gözlük ve termal dürbünlere çok ihtiyacımız var. Gece görüşlü gözlüklerden 50 tane bile olsa IŞİD çetelerine çok büyük zararlar verdirirdik. Bunlar bizim için çok etkili olabilecek mühimmatlar çünkü gece de hareket ediyorlar.

Yine, ABD ve koalisyon güçleri havadan bize suikast silahları ve bu tür malzemeleri atabilirler. Bu türden mühimmatın elimizde olması halinde gece de IŞİD’i vurabiliriz.

Bunun dışında coşku ve fedai ruhta savaşçılarımızın morali çok yüksek. Hiçbir zaman IŞİD’ten korkmadılar ve korkmayacaklar.

Birkaç hafta önce Fransız basınında hükümetin size yardım edeceği iddiaları yer almıştı?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Evet, Fransa Eski Dışişleri Bakanı Bernard Kuchner Cezire Kantonu’nu ziyaret etmişti. O ziyaret sırasında Skype aracılığıyla bizimle görüşmüş, YPG’ye yardım sözü vermişti. Fakat şimdiye kadar bize ulaşan herhangi bir şey yok. Umuyor ve inanıyoruz ki Fransa IŞİD’e karşı mücadelemizde en kısa zamanda YPG’ye gerekli yardım ve desteği sağlayacaktır.

Kobane konusunda Türkiye’ye yönelik eleştiriler var. Türkiye’nin Hummer gibi ağır araçların geçişine izin vermediği iddia ediliyor. YPG olarak Türkiye’nin tutumunu nasıl değerlendiriyorsunuz?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Türkiye IŞİD’e karşı yürüttüğümüz mücadelede önemli bir rol oynayabilir. Cezire’den Efrîn’e kadar uzayan geniş mesafede Türkiye ile sınırımız var. YPG olarak bizim Türkiye ile bir sorunumuz yoktu, hatta en rahat, en güvenli sınırdı. Biz Türkiye’yi de sürekli bir komşu, bir dost ülke olarak gördük. Uluslararası kamuoyunun eleştirileri olabilir fakat Türkiye yürüttüğü siyaseti gözden geçirmeli. Bu savaşta IŞİD’e karşı aktif bir rol oynamalı. Çünkü IŞİD’in yarın öbür gün Türkiye’nin de başına bela olacağını biliyoruz ve bundan büyük bir zarar görürler. Ki zaten eğer daha etkili bir mücadele yürütülmezse sadece Türkiye değil, bütün dünya IŞİD teröründen büyük bir zarar görür. Türkiye ile eskisi gibi dost ve komşu olmayı umut ediyoruz. IŞİD’e göz yumdukları doğrudur, fakat biz yürüttükleri bu siyasette bir değişikliğe gideceklerine inanıyoruz.

Özgür Suriye Ordusu (ÖSO) grupları ve Kürdistan Bölgesi peşmergeleri ile ilişkiniz ne durumda?


Mahmud Berxwedan: Özgür Suriye Ordusunun bazı grupları ile bir yıldan uzun bir süredir bir ilişkimiz var ve birlikte savaşıyoruz. Bu süre zarfında, Şemsi Şimal, Siwar Raqqa ve Cephetul Ekrad gruplarından yaklaşık 70 kişi şehit oldu Kobane’de. Bu gruplarla daha özgürlükçü, bütün halkları kapsayan bir Suriye için çalışmalar yürütmek istiyoruz. Şu ana kadar aramızda herhangi bir problem yaşanmadı. Onlar da silahların yetersizliğinden yakınıyorlar.

Bunun dışında yaklaşık iki ay önce peşmerge güçleri de arka cephede beraberlerinde getirdikleri ağır silahları kullanıyorlar. Elindeki silahları en iyi şekilde kullanmaya çalışıyorlar. Beraber savaşıyoruz ve onlarla da ilişkilerimiz çok iyi ve herhangi bir problem yok.

IŞİD’in Kobane’de tünel kazdığı yönünde iddialar var, doğru mu bu?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Bu bilgi bir süre önce bize ulaştı. Pek ihtimal vermiyoruz, böyle bir fikirleri olsa bile bundan bir sonuç alamazlar. Hava saldırılarının zararını en aza indirmek için yeri kazıp sığınaklar oluşturduğunu biliyoruz sadece.

YPG, IŞİD’e karşı yürütülen savaşta en önemli güç haline geldi ve YPG’ye yabancı ülkelerden katılan birçok kişi var. Bunu nasıl değerlendiriyorsunuz?

Amerikali YPG Savaşçısı Jeremy Woodard

Amerikali YPG Savaşçısı Jeremy Woodard

Mahmud Berxwedan: IŞİD bütün dünyayı hedef alan bir terör örgütü. Devrimci, demokrat, barışçı düşüncelere sahip olan, IŞİD’e karşı savaşmak isteyen herkes Kobane’ye gelip bu direnişimizde yer alabilirler. Bu bizim için bir onurdur. Ki biz dünyanın neresinde olursa olsun bütün IŞİD üyelerini düşmanımız kabul ediyoruz. Çünkü biz kendimizi insanlık değerlerini koruyan bir güç olarak görüyoruz. Irk, mezhep, din, parti için insanları birbirinden ayırmıyoruz.

Hem Amerika’dan, Avrupa’dan, Arjantin’den, hem de Orta Doğu’dan, İran’dan ve birçok yerden gelip YPG’ye katılan insanlar var. Savaşçılarımız yeni katılmak isteyen herkesi büyük bir sevinçle karşılayacaklarını belirtiyorlar. Eğer yabancı gazeteciler gelip onlarla röportaj yapmak isterlerse bu konuda yardımcı olmaya hazırız.

Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki aktivistler Twitter aracılığıyla gönderdikleri sorularda YPG için neler yapabileceklerini soruyorlar?

Mahmud Berxwedan: Kobane’de insanlık için büyük bir direniş sergileniyor, herkes elinden ne geliyorsa yapmalı. Bu bir insanlık vazifesidir, herkes Kobane’ye destek çıkmalı, yardım etmeli.

Bu arada yeni yıl ve Noel yaklaşıyor. YPG olarak, Kobane’de direnenler olarak, bütün Hristiyan âleminin Noel’ini kutluyoruz. Bunu kendi bayramımız olarak da görüyoruz. İsa bir direniş sembolüydü, herkesin yeni yılını kutluyoruz. Kobane’deki savaş bir onur savaşıdır ve bu bütün Kürt halkının savaşıdır. Başta kuzeydekiler olmak üzere her taraftaki Kürtler yardım etti, herkese teşekkür ediyoruz. Özellikle de ilk günden bugüne yanımızda olan Suruç halkına teşekkür ediyoruz.

Urgent Appeal to International Community from Kobane Officials


Horrifying Image of Devastation in Kobane

While the historical resistance of the People Protection Units (YPG) and the Women Protection Units (YPJ) continues against Daash terrorists, making a major victory with their heroic steadfastness, the rubble of destruction and devastation throughout the city increases.

Moreover, the negative effects of the war on Kobane civilians from children, women and elderly people accumulate either inside the city or on the boarder points with Turkey.


Children are living under tough circumstances in Kobane

Therefore, the possibility of living and pursue life almost become impossible and even warn of an impending humanitarian disaster. Especially hard coldness of winter and spreading of residues harmful projectiles further endanger lives of human and other beings.

But, despite the destruction and devastation of Kobane Canton, its resistance takes a global and humanitarian dimensions beyond its borders, reflecting the human values and objectives. The sacrifices of its heroes and defenders become general humanitarian gains that turn their steadfast city to a global defender front for the international community and humanity as whole.

The above mentioned impose on everyone’s duty to support and provide help to them as long as the security and safety of all of us in danger.

The Executive Council in Kobane Canton salutes the heroic resistance of YPG, YPJ, Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Peshmerga forces against Daash in an ordinary meeting today.


Kobane Defense Chief General Ismet Hasan and Peshmerga Commander General Ahmed Gerdi

The Council members appreciate sacrifices of the mentioned common forces and salute their bravery and honest commitment to defend the noble humanitarian values and their strenuously quest to build a democratic, fair and equal society, which shares peace and tranquility regionally and globally.


Kobane Children Are Under Threat of Continues ISIS Shelling

The Council members, at the same time, saddened with the  global indifference towards Kobane, expressing their deep regret for the failure of the humanitarian organizations and democratic countries to the worsening humanitarian situation where Kobane civilians exposed from all sides to instantaneous indiscriminate shells and continuing attacks of Daash, killing and injuring many of them.

In addition to, great challenges left by the suffocating siege on the province, making providing life means and its essential things impossible. With the gradual disappear from the stocks of food, medicine and baby milk of warehouses or destroy completely by bomb shelling.


Dr. Welat Omer and Medical Team Delivering Aid to Displaced Kobane Residents

So, there is possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe against civilians if the international community does not take the initiative to meet the calls of our citizens and defenders to open a safe humanitarian corridor to cleanse the effects of missiles, bombings and the rubble of destruction.

We appeal international community to make very effort to save the lives of children and other civilians by offering them through support and aid of medical, food and preventive fundamentals.

Kobane 19/12/2014

The Executive Board of Kobane Canton, Syria