Canadian YPG Fighter Gill Rosenberg is Safe

Gill Rosenberg

Gill Rosenberg in an archive photo

Yesterday some reports spread quickly that Gill Rosenberg, a Canadian citizen of Israeli origin who joined Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was kidnapped by ISIS.

However, Kurdish sources strongly deny such allegations and call it an ISIS propaganda. In a phone interview this morning Kobane Defense Chief Ismet Hasan said Rosenberg has never been in Kobane and it is a part of ISIS campaign against the Kurds.

Another Kurdish official in a different part of Rojava, Syrian Kurdstan, said Gill Rosenberg is safe and she met her personally yesterday.

The official who wanted to remain anonymous, because she was not authorized to speak, said Gill is safe and she wants her beloved ones not to worry about her well-being.

“If ISIS kidnapped Gill how come they are not releasing her photo? After their defeat against the YPG in Kobane, they are spreading  such rumors. I was with her yesterday and she is pretty well.”


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Yezidi Children and Women Arrive Rojava


A group up of Yezidi children and elderly women arrive in Kurdish Syria known as Rojava after Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) open a safe way for them.

These women tell how their beloved ones remained behind and they were without food and water for days in  tearful eyes