Kobane: The Little City That Has Inspired the World


Jessica Jaye for her premier show on Quagmire America Radio discusses Kobane with Kurdish Affairs Analyst Mutlu Civiroglu



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Kobane Journalist Bali: Thousands of Civilians Try to Survive Facing Death Every Day


Mr. Bali, as a journalist currently living in Kobane you are following the events on the ground closely. According to some media reports, Kobane is almost completely freed from ISIS.  Is such news telling the truth?

Kobane as the symbol of resistance is continuing to fight. News that declare Kobane is totally freed, are true at all. I suspect that such deceitful and false news are part of a hideous plan pursued against Kobane. It was especially the Turkish media that spread such news. Mr. Erdogan and Davutoglu had statements to the effect that “Kobane’s situation was good.” A few times they stated that ISIS left Kobane and retreated to Aleppo. In this way, they were hoping to leave Kobane out of news agenda and draw public attention to Aleppo. As someone living in Kobane right now, I would like to ask this to journalists who spread this type of news: if the situation in Kobane is good, if ISIS has withdrawn from here totally and there is no longer any danger, why are you not coming into Kobane? Why are hundreds of thousands of Kurds who took refuge to the north of our country, are still living in refugee camps there?

Tens of shells everyday target homes and civilians living in Kobane get wounded. It is true that a great resistance is put up in Kobane; likewise, the YPG and YPJ have taken the initiative into their hands. But ISIS is still sustaining a street fight against Kurdish people in Kobane. Just a couple of hours ago, ISIS conducted attacks against Mursitpinar Border Gate [between Kobane and Turkey]. ISIS has been trying daily to capture this border gate ever since the first clashes in Kobane started. This border gate is located in the middle of Kobane. If ISIS is totally withdrawn from Kobane [as reported by some media], how could it attack to this gate?

Mustafa Bali

Mustafa Bali

You say Turkish media is spreading such false news, but such news also finds a place in Kurdish media?

Language is not a sufficient criterion to tell whether the media is that of Kurdish or Turkish [origin]. When the clashes started in Kobane, some media, despite the fact that they were Kurdish media, were spreading the “news of defeat.” The Kurdish media that I referred to were reporting “Kobane is going to fall after 1-2 km”, as if measuring the distance inch by inch and the language in which they reported this was Kurdish. What I am saying is that the mere use of Kurdish language by such media is not a good measure of their Kurdish-ness. Media that identifies with the suffering and resistance in Kobane, media that boosts the spirit when needed –in place of spreading demoralizing news- may be called Kurdish media, not the ones that say “situation in Kobane is calm and very good.”

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Erdogan and Davutoglu said things like “ISIS withdrew from Kobane and was heading toward Aleppo” because they wanted to drop Kobane from the news agenda. And in an unconscious way, some media organizations also strive to spread the news of a premature victory. A surface reading of such news give a misleading impression of complete liberation of Kobane which does not reflect the reality at all, the danger and the clashes are continuing…

I heard an explosion now, is there an attack again [sound of an explosion was heard during the interview]?

Kobani as you also heard, almost every five minutes we are hit with mortar shells. We are the civilians living in Kobane and such attacks target us. Right now tens of civilians are ducking into corners, trying to protect themselves from these mortar shells that are fired from east of Kobane targeting its west.

Aside from mortar shells, with what other weapons does ISIS attack Kobane?

ISIS uses all kinds of military vehicles to attack Kobane. In addition it uses Dushka, Kalashnikovs, BKS [PKMS], hand grenades and suicide car bombings. Everyone is wondering about one thing: why is ISIS still not finished in Kobane after all these aerial bombings?

ISIS needs to be repelled from Kobane via room to room fighting, not street by street. Every nook and corner that ISIS has reached is pillaged, destroyed, booby-trapped and mined. Clearing Kobane from ISIS is not an easy thing to do. Even a mighty force like NATO stated recently that it might take two years to clear ISIS from Mosul. The resistance in Kobane was put forth with a few Kalashnikovs. Resisting YPG fighters keep fighting because they believe in their will power. ISIS has a great military and technical might in its hands and with this might and technical capabilities, it is attacking Kobane.

One of the noticeable news of the previous weeks was that the YPG established control over the roads that brought reinforcements to the ISIS. Is ISIS still receiving reinforcements from cities like Talabyad, Rakka and Jarablus bordering Kobane?

It has been more than two weeks that the YPG is fighting in villages of Kobane using guerrilla tactics. Such tactics have certainly increased the pressures on ISIS. It is true that they cannot reach Kobane as easily as before. However, this should not be interpreted as these roads are under complete control and that ISIS will no longer get reinforcements via these roads. ISIS is receiving reinforcements (using vehicles) every day, using different roads and methods. They use big vehicles to transport their mortar cannons here, the sounds of which you heard twice during this interview. They fire between 30-40 mortars each day. This means they receive ammunition supplies every day.

In a similar way, tens of ISIS gangs are killed every day, if they had not received new reinforcements, Kobane would have been liberated by now. According to the information we receive from our sources in Manbij, Talabyad and Rakka, every day reinforcements are sent to ISIS. Specifically they move from Rakka to Talabyad and from there into Kobane.

OK, what is the situation of thousands of civilians in Kobane and those that wait along the border? How will they survive through the harsh winter conditions?

I truly don’t know how to describe the situation of the civilians who remain in Kobane and along the border area. Thousands of civilians most of whom are children and elderly try to survive facing death every day. Before the harsh winter conditions set in, there was the danger of dying from mortar shells, fire from military vehicles, sometimes from the Turkish tanks or at the hands of ISIS suicide bombings. But, now to these added the new danger of freezing to death. These civilians are in need of everything ranging from water, food, winter necessities and fuel. Especially, the fuel is critical. There is no fuel in Kobane and Turkey does not allow the passage of fuel. We appeal to everyone to do whatever they can to attend to the needs of these civilians. I saw tens of people with bare feet walking through mud and puddles on the streets of Kobane.

As the officials of the Kobane Canton have expressed previously, a security corridor should be set up under the protection of the United Nations. Again, we have to state that Turkey creates dire hardships if and when allowing help to come through the Mursitpinar Gate. Our people wait for days to pass a truck load of relief supplies from the Turkish side to our side. Turkey creates the same problems for the transfer of our wounded. They die while waiting for hours for an ambulance to arrive. We appeal to all international relief organizations to help the civilians here, through this interview with you…

*Translated into English by Burhan Elturan

Canadian YPG Fighter Gill Rosenberg is Safe

Gill Rosenberg

Gill Rosenberg in an archive photo

Yesterday some reports spread quickly that Gill Rosenberg, a Canadian citizen of Israeli origin who joined Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was kidnapped by ISIS.

However, Kurdish sources strongly deny such allegations and call it an ISIS propaganda. In a phone interview this morning Kobane Defense Chief Ismet Hasan said Rosenberg has never been in Kobane and it is a part of ISIS campaign against the Kurds.

Another Kurdish official in a different part of Rojava, Syrian Kurdstan, said Gill Rosenberg is safe and she met her personally yesterday.

The official who wanted to remain anonymous, because she was not authorized to speak, said Gill is safe and she wants her beloved ones not to worry about her well-being.

“If ISIS kidnapped Gill how come they are not releasing her photo? After their defeat against the YPG in Kobane, they are spreading  such rumors. I was with her yesterday and she is pretty well.”


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Huge Explosions in Kobane After US Air Strikes


In this video sent from inside Kobane, US Jets Strike ISIS Positions in the city [reportedly] on November 17, 2014.

Witness in the video describe how ISIS bodies flew up to the air after the explosion. Same person says US jets stroke 5-6 times in total.

Premier of Kobane Anwar Moslem: The Fall of Kobane Would Be the Fall of Humanity


Anwar Moslem on the right with dark shirt

In an exclusive interview conducted on Wednesday, Ovober 8, 20014, the Premier of local Kurdish Kobane Canton administration Anwar Moslem provides important update about Kobane and ongoing ISIS attacks against the city.

Mutlu Civiroglu https://twitter.com/mutludc


Mr. Moslem, what’s the current situation in Kobane?

ISIS hasn’t withdrawn yet. ISIS is still in the eastern, southeastern and southern [parts of the town. They are a little away from the western section. Clashes continue so far. Fierce ffightings are taking place. They aim for a massacre. There are thousands of civilians here; children, women and elderly. As the resistance is in its 24th day, they want to crush it spitefully with all the civilians as well. The fact is there is heroic resistance here by Kurdish Protection Units (YPG). American and coalition air strikes are very welcome here by our forces and the Canton administration.

Tell me about the civilians inside Kobane. There are reports that all civilians left the city?

Claims that there are no civilians in Kobane are false. Nobody can, nobody dares to get out of their homes as there are fierce clashes and flying bullets everywhere. There are thousands of civilians under the ISIS threat. Some are here in the city; some others are close to the border. Their situation is getting worse and dangerous. Some media say Kobane is empty. It’s not true. There are civilians even in the villages ISIS has overrun. Their situation too is dangerous. I repeat that there are civilians in the town. I can’t give you an exact number, but there are thousands of civilians here. If the media wants we can provide pictures and interviews with civilians. Our main purpose in calling the international community is protecting these civilians, children and women.

American and coalition air strikes have had effective results in the last two days. When jets strike civilians in the city cheer up. They salute American jets. Defense Ministry of the Kobane administration said, in a statement, that our YPG forces and the coalition partners can root out ISIS from the Middle East.

You mentioned airstrikes. How effective are today’s air strikes?

They are effective today as well. But we cannot know how much exactly. As the fighting rages on we can’t determine the effect. We are in touch with our forces who witness air strikes. But they are usually busy in fighting ISIS militants. We don’t want to keep them busy, so we avoid calling them frequently.

The jets carry out a good mission, especially for the well-being of civilians. That’s why the continuation of air strikes in Kobane against ISIS is important. The destruction of ISIS’s tanks, Humvees and other heavy vehicles is of utmost importance. Today they carried out a car bomb attack. That’s why American, British, French and all other coalition partner’s jets should continue targeting ISIS in Kobane Canton. ISIS receives reinforcement from Tal Abyad and Raqqah. The coalition partners should be tracking them better. They must stop them. So that we can finish them off inside Kobane and save the civilians.

Some media reports claim these airstrikes are useless. Are they?

No, they are pretty effective in last two days. As the head of the Canton Administration, I recognize the fact that they are helpful and effective. ISIS militants are using artillery they brought from Mosul, and it is used against the civilians as well. So why should the coalition stop the bombardment? The coalition is saving these civilians and the canton. So be it known by all sides that YPG on the ground with the American and coalition jets overhead can fight ISIS off.

Is YPG capable of expelling ISIS from Kobane?

Yes, as long as their artillery, vehicles and tanks are destroyed, new reinforcements are cut off; we don’t have anti-tank weaponry by the way, our forces can finish them off. YPG has promised to annihilate those thugs.

What about YPG loses and injuries? How many ISIS fighters were killed?

YPG and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) are the sons and daughters of this people. Most of these fighters are in their twenties. They fight against ISIS looters, thieves whose aim is destruction.


Arin Mirkan

ISIS commits inhuman actions; they behead even our girls. YPG and YPJ are fighting against such a cruel terrorist group.

A young Kurdish woman Arin Mirkan who was a YPJ commander chose to detonate herself among a group of ISIS members. Rather than surrendering to ISIS, she chose sacrificing her life such in such heroic way.

But, we are hopeful that our forces with the help of the coalition partners can fight ISIS till they are annihilated, and we can rebuild peace and stability once more.

What about the reaction of people around the globe to your case? American people are deeply concerned that the Kobane will fall. Similarly people in other corner of the world have similar concerns for you.


The memory of 9/11 is with us. We especially want to reach out to the American people and their government. We know their suffering too. We remember terrorist attacks against civilians in Spain, France and elsewhere. We are aware of what happened innocent journalists and aid workers at terrorists’ hands.

We, as the administration of Kobane Canton, call upon all sides to challenge the threat together as to create security. We believe in support of the American people and people all over the world.

I would like to tank all human rights defenders in becoming a voice for the voiceless Kobane. I am very grateful on behalf of the people of Kobane. I want everyone to know that fall of Kobane would be the fall of humanity. I therefore appeal everyone to stand up for Kobane and stand with us in these very difficult days.



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This interview was translated from Kurdish into English by Ê Din

Coalition Airstrikes in Kobane Helping Kurds


In an over-the-phone interview, Defense Minister of Kobane Canton Ismet Hasan says the coalition airstrikes on Tuesday were pretty effective and caused some damage on ISIS.

“ISIS is a threat not only for Kobane and the Kurds, but also for a treat against all humanity. Coalition airstrikes and our fight on the ground is a strong cooperation against ISIS threat, and we are optimistic that it will bring positive outcomes.”

Hasan says although they don’t know the exact damage of the airstrikes, they could determine that 1 tank, 6 vehicles with machine guns, 5 dushka, 1 armored personnel carrier (APC) were destroyed, tens of ISIS members were killed.

Premier of Kobane Canton Anwar Moslem also praised the coalition airstrikes that continued multiple times on Tuesday. “Today’s strikes were really helpful. We are hoping that the coalition will continue striking ISIS like this.”

Moslem pointed out that the coalition should continue hitting ISIS targets in the same way they did on Tuesday. “If the coalition strikes ISIS terrorists effectively, we can handle the situation on the ground,” he added.

Moslem also thanked the people around the world that for their solidarity with the people of Kobane.

“I would like to thank Kurds in North [Turkey] and diaspora, as well as people around the world who have been with us in these difficult days. Their solidarity and support messages have been great source of strength and optimism for the people of Kobane and YPG and YPJ fighters on the front.”


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Why ISIS Focus Its Attacks on Kobane?


First published on July 10, 2014

ISIS attacks against Kobane are significant for several reasons. First, with the recent confidence gained by taking over Mosul and other cities in Iraq, ISIS wants to expand its control over a larger territory of Syria as well. After seizing two oil fields from a rival extremist group, ISIS wants to seize Kobane which remains in the middle of territories under its control. ISIS currently controls Girsespi (Tall Abyad), Jarablus and Raqqah. It desperately wants Kobane to connect the regions under its control and make it a part of the “Islamic State”.

Taking control of such an important city will enable ISIS to seize new territories from the direction of east and west, in addition to connecting Tall Abyad and Jarablus.

Furthermore, being a border city with Suruc of Sanliurfa province of Turkey, seizing Kobane will also allow ISIS to control the Mursitpinar Border Gate with Turkey as well. It is well known that ISIS gives specific importance to border gates especially for trade, easy crossing for fighters and logistics, the treatment of injured fighters etc. In this regard, it is increasingly likely that ISIS will plan attacks on other border crossings controlled by the Kurds like Serekaniye and Til Kochar (Yarubia), and crossings controlled by rival Islamist groups in Azaz.

In addition, ISIS also wants to cut Kobane from the Kurdish Mountain Region (Kurd Dagh) or Canton of Afrin and Canton of Jazira (Hasakah). As of now, moving between three Kurdish Cantons is difficult. According to local officials, currently hundreds of civilians are also held hostage in Jarablus and Tall Abyad. Also some 130 Kurdish students who were kidnapped by the group remain in captivity for over a month after they were kidnapped as they were returning from school exams in Aleppo.

Despite all calls from international human rights groups those children and other civilians are still not released and are being used as a bargaining chip to pressurize YPG, according to local human rights defenders.

If Kobane falls to ISIS, such a possibility will bring some additional advantages for ISIS to further pursue its goals. It is apparent that ISIS does not hesitate to use any means to seize the city including kidnapping civilians and crucifying them, destroying houses and taking properties and even cutting off the water of the city.

Due to the fact that the taking of Kobane will be very advantageous for ISIS, it is not holding back from committing all sorts of cruelty against the people. ISIS is kidnapping civilians, publicly crucifying them and killing them by torture. Local sources are frequently reporting that ISIS is ransacking civilian homes and confiscating civilian property. As a matter of fact, it is well known that ISIS has on several occasions cut off the drinking water supply to Kobane.

One other factor to remember is that Kobane is the first city in Rojava to have been freed from the Assad regime on July 19, 2012. Hence, the city has a special meaning for Kurds in Rojava. If the Kurds lose this city it will also have a demoralizing impact on them and their struggle for self-rule. Therefore, attacking Kobane is also attacking the gains of the Kurds in Syria, and a message for Kurds that ISIS [and its regional supporters] will not allow Kurdish autonomy in Syria.


Read my detailed VICE article on Kobane published in July


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Update From Kobani (October 5, 2014)


According to Anwar Moslem, Premier of Kobani Canton fierce battles continue around the city, especially near Mistanour Hill, and they are still in full control of Kobani city.

“Fierce fights continue around the city, with clashes intensifying around Mistanour Hill. ISIS pushes hard to seize the hill, but YPG resists holding it.”

Enwer Mislim

Moslem adds that ISIS has 4 tanks near Mistanour which continuously shell the city.

Some sources report ISIS now control of southern part if Mistanour Hill while some others did not verify this information.

As far as coalition air strikes concerned, sources say there were probably 6 (some say 5, some others say 7) strikes last night. However, they did not cause serious damage since heavy shelling continue (*).

Several other sources inside Kobani also provided information similar to Mr. Moslem’s account. Additionally, they reported that there are casualties from both sides, but loses of ISIS were considerably more than YPG’s.

* Because access to areas targeted by coalition jets is limited, information of sources about the effectiveness of airstrikes may not always be accurate. However, all sources agree that Saturday, October 4 strikes were the most effective strikes of coalition forces against ISIS near Kobani.


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Kurdish Demo in Support Besieged Kurdish City Kobani, Washington, DC



Dear Community members, human rights activists and peace advocates,

The Kurdish city of Kobani (aka Kobane / Ayn al-Arab) in Northern Syria has been under brutal attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS/ ISIL/ IS) for 20 days now.

Despite the heroic resistance of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG) and the people of Kobani, ISIS has the advantage of sophisticated US weapons it seized from the Iraqi Army in Mosul and has surrounded the city.

Unfortunately, the Kurds only have light weapons, which are no match for the heavy ISIS weapons such as Humvees and Abrams tanks.

If the international coalition against ISIS does not act immediately by carrying out more effective airstrikes against ISIS around Kobani, a large scale massacre similar to that carried out by ISIS against the Ezidi community in Sinjar, is imminent.

While we applaud President Obama for his determination in “degrading and destroying ISIS”, we are saddened by his inaction against ISIS in its attack on Kobani.

If the international community, especially the US, does not act immediately, thousands of people will face execution by ISIS.

As the leader of free world, the US has the moral responsibility to support the Kurds, who are fighting against ISIS both in Syria and in Iraq.

The coming hours are fateful and pivotal for the people of Kobani. We need to stand up and make our voices heard, to the White House and to the entire world.

Please join us in front of the White House in an effort to draw public attention to this very critical situation.

When: October 4, 2014

Where: In front of the White House

What Time: 3:00 pm

* This statement was sent by the Greater Washington Area Kurdish Community

Polat Can of YPG Appeals for an Humanitarian Intervention for Kobane

Kurdish Woman Kobane

Mr.  Polat Can, the US and coalition countries started to strike ISIS in Syria a few days ago. What effect did these attacks have on Kobanê which faces a grave danger?


Polat Can: For a few days now, ISIS has stopped its attacks in other regions and has directed all its forces towards Kobanê alone, for an all-out attack. There are no ISIS attacks against the regime or in any other city. ISIS is attacking Kobanê with forces gathered from many cities, Raqqa, Til Hamis, Minbij, Jarablus and many other cities. YPG has been putting up a very dignified resistance against heavy weapons, tanks and artillery for ten days now. Even though ISIS is cracking in front of this resistance and resolve, it is a known fact that its force in terms of military weapons and artillery is very big. We have been resisting to slow down ISIS and block its entry into Kobanê for a long time. Now we want to stop them, but the force confronting us is very big. Because of this, practically an intervention must take place right away and forces making war on ISIS must help us.

Who do you want this help from? There is a lot of misinformation/disinformation. While many people say that the US has attacked ISIS in Kobanê region, your spokesman Rêdûr Xelîl said there were no attacks a few hours ago. What will you say on this topic?


Polat Can: I am underlining this; until this minute no U.S. or other coalition country attack against ISIS has taken place in Kobanê region. It is true that a few planes have flown, but as of yet it is not even clear whose planes they are. They can Turkey’s or Syrian regime’s planes too. When we talk about help, we are not talking about helping YPG, we are talking about helping Kurdish people. No help has been made to the people of Kobanê who are under death risk, who are confronted with a recurrence of what happened in Sinjar, Iraq.

What is the reason for this? How is it possible that these countries which formed a coalition against ISIS, can be so indifferent when civilian lives are in such grave danger?

 Polat Cano

Polat Can: We, too, are trying to find an answer to this question. But they, also, should look for answers to some questions. Are Kurds’ lives so cheap? Are the lives of 600 thousand Kurds in Kobanê, who are faced with the threat of massacre, so cheap? Do some states speaking on the basis of various political interests and Kurdish parties that have various political disagreements consider Kurds’ lives very cheap? If they will not help the Kurdish people in these most dangerous times then they should not say we are against ISIS, we are against terrorism.


That is, some Kurdish parties oppose the US and coalition attacking ISIS, is this what you mean?


Polat Can: Yes that is exactly what I mean. If they continue this attitude we will make public the names of those Kurdish parties, too. Based on information we received in some contacts we established, we know that some Kurdish parties wish to prevent US attacks against ISIS.

Why would a Kurdish party prevent these attacks and bring about the deaths of thousands of Kurds?

Polat Can: Because despite these difficult times, some groups think of their petty interests instead of the people. This is an opportunity for them. They say now is the right time; they think we are getting closer and closer to defeat and they are driving bargains to realize their own wishes in the aftermath. Such a position is not compatible with the qualities attached to being human or being a Kurd. All parties without exception should stand beside the Kurdish people in these difficult times. I can say that these parties I am talking about have not provided YPG a single bullet for help. Let no one claim that we did not ask for help, we are calling out to all Kurds.

Do these parties you are talking about realize how dangerous the situation is?

Polat Can: They know that the situation is dangerous better than you and me.


What will you say about the media? Some news is published without confirmation and it is continuously reported that the situation in Kobanê is good. What do you have to say about this?


Polat Can: We have been under conditions of uninterrupted fighting for some days so we did not have the chance to follow the media. We do not want our people to lose hope but the situation is bad. Everyone should know that together with the Kobanê youth who are arriving from all around for support, we will resist to the last drop of blood. If necessary, we will make Kobanê a new instance of the Resistance in Stalingrad.

Going back to the topic of media, we experience problems with countries we are in contact with because of some media that report the situation is very good. We say something, but they don’t listen to us and they write different things.

 Is it possible that wrong statements and reports can have to do with not being informed about what is going on in the war front? Because sometimes international bodies make statements based on what officials say.

Polat Can: Yes, wrong news and statements have very bad impact on us. For example yesterday, everyone talked and wrote about US planes attacking ISIS in Kobanê; but we are hundred per cent sure that no attack has taken place. Let alone attacking, there still is no decision for a US attack on ISIS in Kobanê.

What should the Kurds do to draw world public’s attention to Kobanê?

Polat Can: First of the whole world should know that we saved our 250 thousand Ezidi people in Sinjar from a huge massacre by our own limited means and at the cost of many martyrs. And we are resisting in Kobanê in spite of the embargo that has been going on for approximately two years. ISIS and its supporters see and know this well and that is why they kept attacking Kobanê continuously to fully incapacitate us here. For this reason, it is necessary to organize actions that can be effective, simple press conferences, sit-ins are not enough.

Vast public opinion should be mobilized, massive pressure should be made for (military action to put an end to the danger of massacre and disproportionate murderous attacks as well as humanitarian intervention to prevent massacre of tens of thousands of civilians. I’m saying leave aside helping YPG, I’m saying they should do something for hundreds of thousands of people from Kobanê who are faced with the danger of massacre.

The US and coalition countries may be targeting ISIS, may have started attacks but they are not organizing attacks on the most dangerous positions. They attacked Til Abyad but they did not target those positions in Kobanê region where tens of ISIS tanks have lined up. Our people all over the world should mobilize immense public pressure for this.

In New York, a conference against terror has been going on for two days. Did anyone say anything about Kobanê in this conference, what sort of a resolution was made about Kobanê? If nothing is done about Kobanê, it means all these conferences, talks, coalitions are pointless!

What is the role of Turkey in all these events?

Polat Can: Turkey has in the outcome taken a bad role and is playing this role. As you have followed, we, as YPG, as Rojava Kurds wish to establish good relations with Turkey. We had been acting on the basis of never having any problems with Turkey on the border. But it is a fact everyone has come to know lately that Turkey supports ISIS. There is a bargain; ISIS will come and invade Kobanê, then it will seize other cities of Rojava and then Turkish soldiers will be deployed in these regions and a buffer zone will be created. This is Turkey’s plan. In fact, as a result of the help Turkey provided for ISIS, ISIS released the Turkish hostages it had been holding. This dirty bargain is being carried out over Kobanê.

I am calling out to human rights organizations, to grassroots and non-governmental organizations. If they do not help now, it can be too late later on. True, YPG is resisting with its limited means, light arms but YPG is no Superman, no divine power. They must act at once.


Translated into English by Ayse Berktay @ayseberktay