Kobane Defense Chief Ismet Hasan and A Brief Situation Report

Cultural Center
Baqi Xido Culural Center in Kobane

Mutlu Civirioglu https://twitter.com/mutludc

Clashes continue intensively in all three fronts. When stuck, ISIS drives forward tanks they hide in shops of Kobane, in a similar manner, they attacked with tanks two nights ago. In the last night fight YPG killed one of ISIS’s Chechen sniper.

General Ismet


The airstrikes carried out by the coalition have increased in number recently; however, from now on ISIS knows when to show up and when to hide away. Over time, they too have gained experience in street war.


They still get reinforcement. There are also those who come to collect goods in villages. Yesterday, they collected olives with two trucks they brought to the village of Ashme.


As for the front we have the advantage, we have the control of the Municipality Building, Girls Highschool, Sukul Hal, we are at one side of the Asayish (Police) Building, they are on the other.


We too hope that Kobane will be victorious soon, but at that point we cannot use exact words. For, although they are out of center of Kobane now, there are still nearly 400 villages to be saved.


While once more we thank every single one whose hearts beat for Kobane and who supports us, we offer our condolences to the families of our martyrs and wish a quick recovery to the wounded.


We wish a Happy New Year, first of all to all people of Northern Kurdistan [of Turkey] as well as human rights defenders and to everyone who struggles for democracy.


Translated into English by https://twitter.com/farfarinno

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